Presentation of my English publications about the fake pandemics and the vaccine genocide

Who am I? Xochi, aka Dominique Guillet, founder in 1999, of “Association Kokopelli”, in France, which has the biggest offer of Open-Pollinated and Heirloom Organic Seeds in the world. Not a rumor but just a fact: 10 years of struggle in the European Courts of Injustice against Monsanto and the whole seed-mafia… and we are still alive.

I am 70 years old, I raised 5 children with, strictly, no vaccines and I have no patience with the psychopaths and other perpetrators of the Social Evil. And that is why, also, I have the immense pleasure to be the French translator of the Nagual John Lash – “Sophianic School of Arts and Sciences” with my website “Magie Tantrique Gaïenne”.

My Substack is here: Xochi’s Substack


Here is a presentation of my English publications – with the links – about the fake pandemics induced by the non-existent Sars-CoV-2 and about the vaccine genocide induced by jabs stuffed with nano-particles and nano-technologies. Mostly graphene. Why? Because graphene constitutes THE link: from blood to the virtual space through 5G.

The Sars-CoV-2’s Spike is a huge PsyOps… not to say a huge SpikOps. Wake up!

I do not know if I wrote 2500 or 3000 pages, in French, for the past 3 years. What matters, anyways, is the Transmission of this precious intel for the People to awake and to act together. PANDEMIA meaning All the People, Pan/Demos in Greek. may suffice for a strict basic translation, from the French, of all my technical essays – and still, not really, but well. As to my Cantos… do not count on… as my writing mode is not conventional. It is my immense privilege, and pleasure, not to be traducible by a robot!

 I am writing under influence and, nowadays, the Muses and Dakinis are very fierce and angry. Why? Because the alert is Biological. Would you awake… once for good? 

In the Covid Jabs!

Today, would it be paranoid to imagine that Graphene is present in the air-conditioning of airplanes – and, therefore, in the lungs of passengers? on Substack.

The Sacrament of Vaccination in the Pasteurian Cult of the Voodoo Child

H1N1 never existed : The Spanish Flu, of 1918/1920, was a Bacterial Pneumonia induced by the Rockefeller Foundation’s “vaccines”

Graphene in the Atmosphere

Homo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organism

Graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, synthetic DNA, in the nanofibers of cell-cultured meats grown in metal tanks… and in animal meats

Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock

Soylent Green in 2022? Chitinization of the Human Organism by an Insectivorous diet based on the Recycling of Agro-Industrial Wastes, Plastics of all kinds, Human Excrements… and soon of Human Corpses?

Anti-Oxidant Sources to Destroy the Graphene Oxide Necro-Molecular Crown

Five More Essays, or videos, from Mik Andersen – on Substack

The Economist. The World Ahead 2023. My Decoding of the Cover: A Flurry of PsyOps

The Necro-Corona of “Molecular Spikes of Graphene Oxide”, and not the invisible coronavirus, induces a SMOG in the human organism – on Substack

Summary of the irrefutable evidence – in photographs and videos – of the presence of graphene and nano/micro-technologies in the Covid injection. With many links in English. If not, images are speaking by themselves… and they tell of a very nasty story.

The Necro-Corona of “Molecular Spikes of Graphene Oxide”, and not the invisible coronavirus, induces a SMOG in the human organism  – on Xochipelli

My Message to the Covidian Dissidents of the Controlled Opposition 

Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough! I have a personal Message for you: What the Fake is going on? 

I accuse Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough of lamentable lies, and complicity, with respect to the content of the Covid/19 injections  

Graphene Oxide in Moderna and Pfizer Covid/19 injections. Spectroscopic Analysis. Dr. Daniel Nagase

Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Covid/19 Injections. Professor Pablo Campra. Almeria. Spain

Graphene Oxide and Carbon Objects in Covid/19 injections. More Spectroscopic Analysis

More Spectroscopic Analysis, of Covid/19 injections, coming from Argentina: graphene, aluminium, silicium, iron, bromine…

Graphene, and other nanoparticles, in Covid/19 injections: 20 Analyses from laboratories, doctors, biologists… and journals

Mik Andersen’s 39 articles in English: Graphene injections and intra-corporeal nano-communications network

Self-Assembly of DNA Crystals. Mik Andersen

Toxicity of Graphene nanoparticles to the reproductive system of insects, fish and mammals with links in English.

And for the regeneration of our psyche, here is one (very long) of my latest 35 monographs on Master Medicinal Plants: Ethiopia is the source of the temperate Tulsi with its spicy scent of vanilla and myrrh… and red pollen.

Flower of the Ethiopian Tulsi, a Basil, Ocimum bisabolenum, with red-brick pollen. One of the basis of the Berber sauce. Picture from Xochi.

My Substack is here: Xochi’s Substack

My 3 other (botanical) websites, in English, are:

In Quest of the Eriogonum

Flora of Gaïa for the Survival of the People

Oregon Flora of Gaïa

calochortus persistens 05
Calochortus persistens, a dwarf Calochortus, is only known from three mountain peaks at the border between California and Oregon – where many fires have been raging for the past few years. Cui bono? Picture from Xochi.