Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough! I have a personal Message for you: What the Fake is going on?

Post-scriptum: The sequel to this message is here:

My Message to the Covidian Dissidents of the Controlled Opposition”.


The pandemic does not exist and never did. Since January 2020, I have been, deeply and thoroughly, investigating what I called, ironically, the “CoqueVide/19” – an Empty Shell. It has been my life, every day since – apart from the big desert garden we care for. 

Mama Mia, la Pandemia!!!  What the Fake is going on?

This present contribution, to the debate, may be considered as a foreword to the essay I posted yesterday “I accuse Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough of lamentable lies, and complicity, with respect to the content of the Covid/19 injections”. [43]

For the past year, I have been informing the French people, who wish to wake up – from the limbo of fears, threats, persecutions and lies –  that your kind partakes of the “medical” gang which is covering up the huge and criminal scandal of the orchestrated, and fine-tuned, contamination of the Covid jabs by metallic nano-particles – not to mention the presence, herein, of auto-assembling nano-technologies and, even, for the worst, of synthetic DNA. [37]

In most of them, the so-called ARNm is totally absent. Why? Because the eugenist Globalists want to contaminate our brain, our lungs, our blood, our heart, our ovaries, our testicules… with graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, carbon nano-tubes,  carbon nano-octopus, graphene quantum dots, graphene micro-spheres, graphene nano-spheres… and, maybe, memristors, nano-rectennas, plasmonic nano-antennas, and so on – for the intra-corporeal nano-communications network. 

Why do not you listen to the 2 hours video from la Quinta Columna – translated into English: “Dr. Ryan Cole lied”?  Ricardo Delgado will educate you with great pleasure. [44]

Today I dare to speak up – in English, even, which is not my soul language – because I am fed up with your lies and your foolish argumentations. 

If you wish to play along the Trickster’s rules, you would better play along Kokopelli’s ones… because the Tricksters are many – as well as their missions and objectives amidst the Human kind. As to Kokopelli, he represents, for sure, a symbol of Fertility: he receives the messages of the Mother-Earth, of her Atmospheric Dakinis, through his Pan-flute array of antennas… while transmitting them back, by playing his flute, to the People who have ears to listen. 

Kokopelli is a symbole of Fertility while all the vaccine industry is bent on inducing Sterility in the People. The proof by the Covid jabs: genocide and drastic fall of the natality… because of a gigantic increase in foetal deaths. In one essay about the destruction, by the graphene, of the reproductive system of human animals, other animals, fishes, insects… I presented close to 30 studies, in English. [45]

Your “scientific” positions are utterly ludicrous as you attempt, vainly, to refute what has been discovered – thousand of times, now – in the Covid injections, and, moreover, which is corroborated by 15 years of facts, studies, experimentations and commercial practices in the field of so-called therapeutics and nano-medical applications.

May I invite you to consult 39 articles, in English, presented by Mik Andersen on this very subject: the graphene family in the Covid/19 “vaccines” – as well as in the fertilizers, the pesticides, the plane combustibles, etc –  in relation with the scientific documentation concerning nano-particles in medecine and other fields? [31] These very elaborate, and expert, articles exist, also, in French [32] and Spanish [33] and they are 50 of them. It means that some of them are missing, in English translation, but I am happy to have retrieved that many, at least, as Mike Andersen has totally disappeared, from the web, after the destruction of his two first blogs – C0r0n@ 2 Inspect. 

May I tell you that I have been deeply involved in writing, about the sinister Covid theatre, since January 2020? Thus, I must have released, for the past 3 years, around 2500 pages of essays and translations  – not mentioning, to save my soul, 35 very long monographies about Master Medicinal Plants: Ocimum tenuiflorum, Ocimum gratissimum, Ocimum selloi, Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum bisabolenum, Ocimum kilimandsharicum, Nicotiana tabacum, Artemisia annua, Chenopodium ambrosioides, Papaver somnifera, Sida cordifolia, etc.  [27]

I am very prolific and generous with my writings… which are free to share and transmit – and I am not selling any T-shirts. 

I never attended any “universities” – except for 3 months, 52 years ago – as I hate the neo-darwinist educastration: I am an Earth-generated scholar and warrior. 

In January 2020, I rushed to track the so-called HIV synthetic viral bomb stemming, supposedly, from the French built P4 laboratory in Wuhan… to realize, after just a few weeks, that it was a psyops… nested in the heart of another more inclusive psyops. 

Same pattern as the controlled opposition theory of thermite bombs destroying the 7 towers of the World Trade Center, in September 2001, whereas they were destroyed,  in fact, in 15 seconds, by induced directed energy – the so-called Testa energy. Where did the Towers go? [38]

That is why the title, in March 2020, of my first very long essay “Psychose Pulmonaire sur Mode de Coronavirus au Parfum Chimérique de Chauve-Souris avec un Zeste de VIH… et une Pincée d’Ebola?” – means “Pulmonary Psychosis on Coronavirus Mode with a Chimeric Flavor of Bat and with a Zest of HIV… and, also, a Pinch of Ebola?” [23] Better to be ironic about all that crap! 

I have been deeply involved in the “alternative medecine”, for many years, as I created, in 1987, in France, a laboratory – Laboratoires DEVA – making and distributing the Bach Flower Remedies and other Flower Essences originating from the USA.

I have been deeply involved, also, in the “alternative agronomy” as I have founded, in 1999, the non-profit organization with the most diverse offer of organic seeds in the world, the Association Kokopelli [34]. Moreover, I have been teaching organic seed production in two dozens of countries of the world – in French, Spanish or English – for the past 25 years. 

Just to precise – for whatever is worth, as I am not chasing fame and glory – that I am not born from the last graphene chemtrailed rain! I come from a very antique, and multi-millenary, Tradition which most of the people can not fathom as they do not own the privilege to access the source-codes… meaning the codes of the only Source, the Mother. Bom Shakti!

Subsequently, the main title of my 2 next essays is “Psychose, Macronavirose, Vaccinose et Pot aux Roses” [24] – in March 2020. The first one deals, partly, with the bacterial pneumonia named “Spanish Flu” – which was a vast and criminal vaccine experimentation, orchestrated by the Rockefeller Foundation, with tens of millions of deceased. For sure, only the heavily medicated and vaccinated died during this fake viral pandemic of 1918/1920.

Just before this fake Spanish Flu, thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation – through the evil deeds of Abraham and Simon Flexner – all the non-allopathic schools of medecine were destroyed and forbidden in USA: the eclectic schools, the homeopathic schools, etc… Cui bono?

The second one, of this sequence, is precisely about the universal Vaccine Holocaust which I was describing as early as March 2020 – and, in fact, many years before that… because I am viscerally an anti-vax. [25] This second essay is, precisely, sub-titled: “The Pharmacracy Orchestrates a Universal Vaccine Holocaust in the Nations Transformed into Concentration and Confinement Camps”.

About concentration fields and camps, do not forget that the term “vaccine” comes from “vacca”, meaning cow – as per “variola vaccina” meaning… “variole de vache”/“cow-smallpox”! Courtesy of Pasteur, the Impostor. What interesting and precious mind-treasure could we deduce from that? I mean, at least, from my Celtic Goyim point of view…

For the French speaking privileged, I wrote, as early as March 2018, a very long prophetic satire, if I may, announcing all the present Tango – the “Tango du CoqueVide” – on a background of Russian invasion, Ukrainian pathetic theater and destruction of Europe: lockdown, censorship, vaccine obligation and vaccine genocide, Russian psyops, concentration camps, etc. 

Have you ever realized that France, Germany and Russia have been persecuted by the military-industrial complex since 1871? Do you realize that, today, Europe is on the brim of integral destruction orchestrated by the same psychopaths who have been orchestrating this fake pandemics? Europe is being destroyed to preserve the “democracy” in Ukraine – as the People are told…

And the same psychopaths, of course, have been perpetrating the Global Anthropic Warming scam since 2000. As early as 2009, I denounced all this perverse jazz through four long essays. [39] We have entered a Grand Solar Minimum, in 2019 – which may last tens of years – and many people are going to die from the lack of food and fuel, in Europe, this winter. 

Since 2000, most of the people have been brainwashed with the memes of “Climate Warming” and then “Climate Change”… while nobody, from the propagandists of this fraud, is able to give a coherent definition – in one sentence, one article, one book or one library – of the term “Climate”. Why? Because Climate, per se, does not exist: it is, plainly, just another word for “Biosphere”. 

My satirical, and visionary, canto is titled: “Dansez la Vaccinade vers la Grande Hommelette Finale!” [30] and requires a very high level of French – which most French do not possess, anyways –  in order to uncover and apprehend the tangos of my word-playing – about the drama of this world play. And, by the way, behind the scene, who is pulling the strings of the puppets? Who? WHO? Of course, the World Health Organisation… But Who stands behind this Iron Curtain – or, better, this vaccinal Graphene Curtain veiling the heart and the psyche of the Peoples? Indeed, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates… the Banksters and all the Pharmacratic Mafia.

The term “Covid/19” means, very simply, “Covid/AI” as AI stand for 19 in the alphabet. “Certificate Of Vaccination IDentity. Artificial Intelligence”. 

But do not be fooled! The Vaccination Identity is, obviously, not validated by so-called “vaccination passports” – when so many are fake and forged. The true Vaccination Identity is the graphene in the “vaccinated” organism –  for the intra-corporeal nano-communications network. 


Why would the World Economic Forum want to send your blood to an approved laboratory in order to grant you your Covid-Vaccination-Identity Pass? To check if you were correctly jabbed – obviously. To check if the invisible Spike has been injected in your blood?

No way. To check, truly, if the Graphene’s Rainbows have been properly introduced, there in, in order to leave a track lasting quite a while – if your survive…

For sure, do not forget that the demented Klaus Schwab, from the criminal World Economic Forum, wants to genocide a big part of the People. The WEF wants the FEW! Moreover, Klaus Schwab wants you to fuse “your” biological identity with “their” virtual reality. Of course, all these are just meaningless threats. The whole criminal and genocidal theater is, presently, being exposed. And who are these guys to dare to threaten, openly, the whole of the Peoples?: «you will eat bugs, you will own nothing and you shall be happy».

Thus, all the Covid-vaccinated – aware, or not, of it –  are treading on the way towards the “Chimeric Anthropos” connected to the electronic network through the 5 G. They constitute the first guinea-pigs of the lot – pregnant as they are with the graphene hydrogel. With a taste of Chitosan, may be, for a better congelation of your sacred self? 

And as they could whisper in your wide shut ears… Do not worry, if you do not get the Chitosan with these Covid jabs – in order to mutilate, to mute and to mutate your psycho-somatic being  –  you will get it with your tasty buggy-hamburgers… nourished with recycled plastic and human excrements.  [35] Or you will get it with your “cellular” piece of chicken… as they can not make it without chitosan for the so-called scaffolding. [36] Truly, today, most of the Vegan are useful idiots of the so-called “cellular agriculture”. 

Ecce Homo Chimericus! 

Graphene Hydrogel is a spell… and a nasty one. Would you awake… once for good? 

Now, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough, to dive deeply dans “le vif du sujet”. Regarding the so-called “Covidian pandemic”, which never existed, and the vaccine genocide – which is prevalent and will proceed for years – may I tell you that it is not enough, of you, to bring a chunk of the Truth: you need to bring the whole spectrum. It is not enough, of you, to bring a chunk of the Light: you need to bring the whole Rainbow. 

The term “Pandemic” means “All the People” in Greek, “Pan/Demos” : nothing to do with pathologies. By the way, the rainbow flag, banner and meme, have been stolen by the Woke. And most of the so-called “Trans” (term, by the way, which means nothing) are just useful idiots on the altar of Transhumanism – this term being, also, a misnomer as their proponents are devoid of any kind of fundamental, and kind, humanism and mutualism. 

Twenty years ago, the rainbow flag meant “Peace”: meaning Peace for All the People – “Pandemia”. It is more than time than All the People unite against the psychopaths and the tyrants. Open Season on Vaccinalist Predators!

As the eugenist Globalists enjoy the genocide of the Peoples with a zest of “numbers” and other pseudo “occult” symbols… I invite, warmly, the French speaking readers, to consult my “reading” of the 2022 cover of The Economist. If you may. “Au sujet du 666, du Carbone, du Graphène et de la Bête”. [26] 

Deepl.com may suffice for a strict basic translation, from the French, of all my technical essays – and still, not really, but well. As to my Cantos… do not count on Deepl.com as my writing mode is not conventional. It is my privilege, and pleasure, not to be traducible by a robot!

 I am writing under influence and, nowadays, the Muses and Dakinis are very fierce and angry. Why? Because the alert is Biological. Would you awake… once for good? 

Now, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough, I gather, from your endeavoring, writing and babbling, that your frequency-band must be pretty narrow. Ultra-violet? In the order of 222 nm – a DNA killer? [20] Or in the order of the absorbance peak of Graphene Oxide, 223 nm? [21]

I have no patience with psychopaths, intra-species predators, politicians… and serial-liars. But well, as per compassion, naivety, foolishness – or just, not to overload the authentic truth-seekers with indigestions – I am taking for granted that you are some very open minded and kind “liars”… strayed on the many ways of Infinite Life and opened to correct your destiny. N’est-ce pas? 

It is very important, nowadays, to correct one’s destiny. Because, when the truth is going to explode, a little more expansively, the Peoples are going to stalk the liars – as these ever-repeated lies endanger their very life and survival. 

Anybody can check for oneself. The Telegram Canal of la Quinta Columna, named “Mira al Microscopio”, has 24 000 members – and many are armed with microscopes to check up the blood of their entourage. 

The news are pretty bad. For example, little children, not Covid vaccinated, are so toxified with a bunch of child-vaccines, stuffed with graphene, that they are magnetized to the point of sticking 10 tea-spoons on their chest. 

When you put a overload of graphene in the human body, you attack the very heart of Life because Life is Electrical – as the whole universe – and graphene, a nano-monster,  when activated by the ad hoc frequencies, is a killer. Look at the sportives dying like flies on the field: lethal arrhythmias by instant electrocution. Nothing to do with a “protein”.

Did you ever wonder why ultra-violet light, all of a sudden, is appearing everywhere in Europe or in USA: streets, shopping malls, ambulances, disco-clubs, conference-rooms, etc, etc, you name it? Simply, to activate the graphene in the hundreds of millions (even billions) of jabbed human beings. You even find it encircling the two young grils in the recent, horrifying, and criminal, vaccine propaganda video of the Unicef. [22] Here again, there is nothing to refute in vain: the scientific documentation, of long, is adamant about it: UV activates the graphene.

Listen well, now! The Covid Spike is not the dealer of the cards at the Vaccine Death Casino: it is Graphene. And contrarily to so-called “democracy”, graphene is mostly transparent and it goes without noticing until it starts to play around, to flocculate, to auto-assemble, to danse a very lethal ballet… and to kill.

Moreover, Graphene is omnipresent in the medical substances and medical solutions, sold from China, at least since 2015 – as I proved it by delving into the web archives. [40]  [41]  [42] Graphene is omnipresent in our daily life: all the “vaccines”, all the remedies, all the dental anesthetics, the anti-ache patches, the condoms, the feminine pads, the jackets, the night covers, the cosmetics, the shoes, the dental composites, the filtration membranes for water purification, the concrete, the window frames, the 5G towers, the chemtrails, etc, etc.

The Covid Spike does not exist. Why? Because the Sars-CoV-2 is, today, nothing more than a mathematical virtual genomic sequence created, ex nihilo, in the computers of three Chinese teams, in January 2020. A soon as they concocted their virtual and malefic brew – with 29 802 nucleotides to copy-cat the bat SL-CoVZC45! – the criminal Christian Drosten, in Germany, faked, within a few hours, a PCR-Test – one of the heights of ignominy. Ask Kary Mullis… if he may answer you, from the Gaïan melting pot, as he was deceased, just a few months before Epstein’s “suicide”, of a pneumonia – a very convenient one as Kary Mullis hated Anthony Fauci and unmasked him as one of the worst medical criminals ever born on this Earth.  

Yes, the three Chinese teams were financed by the Bill Gates Foundation. Ge! How did you know it? [29] 

The Covid Spike does not exist. The only Spike which is mutilating and killing the Peoples is the “necro-molecular spike”, or “necro-molecular crown”, coronating the nano-particles (metallic, plastic, chitosan, etc) when they fuse with human fluids (sperm, blood, milk, etc). They call it “bio-corona”, “protein corona”, “molecular corona”, etc – with thousand and thousand of studies. 

I call it a “necro-corona” as this crown is a messenger of Death. Would you awake… once for good… because many crowns are, indeed, the vectors of Death? 

How utterly bizarre that so many people believe, so strongly, in the existence of the invisible Spike and in the validity of mathematical virtual genomic sequences, stemming from computers, when they may see, with wide-open eyes, the free-floating graphene oxyde in the Covid injections with a very cheap 400X magnifying microscope.

What the Fake is going on?

The Covid Spike does not exist. I call the real Spike a “SMOG” – for “Spike Moléculaire d’Oxyde de Graphène”. The Graphene Spike creates, in the organism of the jabbed, an electronic SMOG which is muting the mental capacities and mutating the physical and energy bodies of the human being. 

The Spike is, symbolically and existentially, well named. The Spike pierces, cuts, shreds and persecutes. Anybody vaccinating, testing, masking, distanciating, dissociating, or lockdowning, a child is a child abuser. Let’s call the sheriff or the local police. 

The Covid religion – a mutated and more lethal strain of the Vaccine religion – is a religion of the “Voodoo Child”. [28] In France: 11 compulsory vaccines for the new-born (before 18 months of age) since January 2018… when the PharMacron – a puppet of the Pharmacracy coming from the Rothschild Bank – became the “French” president. 

And where is this Covid and Vaccination religions stemming from? Well, from an old spell which was cast, one day, on one tribe – from outer space: truly, the only pathogenic virus in this magnificent Gaïan Biosphere. And well, stemming, more recently, from a new spell, a strain of the old one, which we may describe, very concisely, as the “Syndrome of the Jewish Voodoo Doll”. This evil syndrome has been contaminating the psychic atmosphere of Europa for 1700 years.

If the wounds of the Bloody one, on the wooden Cross (an evil inversion of the live shamanic tree), stemming from the nails, the spear and the CROWN – according to this ill-fated and perverse myth – are not symbols of the Vaccination of the Child… What are they, then? 

Open Season on all the Vaccinalist Predators and Child-Abusers!

Xochi – aka Dominique Guillet. December 19 th, 2022.

NB: It would be my pleasure to publish any coherent answers of yours.  

Cover of Eustache Mullins’s book:
The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America