My Message to the Covidian Dissidents of the Controlled Opposition

Did you notice that the “Rainbow”, once a Hippie symbol of World Peace, and denunciation of the militaro-industrial complex managed by the Banksters, has been stolen by the LGBT squads and the “Woke” non-culture?  Why? Cui bono? 

But wait! Did you notice, moreover, that the stolen “Rainbow” is now everywhere when you look at the blood of the Covid-jabbed or, directly, in the vials of all the Covid-injections? Why? Because graphene is omnipresent and graphene is “Shining in the Light!”. 

Just look for yourself! Do you know that a very decent microscope, with a camera, is largely under 1000 dollars? 400 X will suffice – just to play… with the Graphene Rainbows.

When we were young, in our first “native” years – when the Amerindian People were still poisoned by the US Authorities –  we used to attend the Rainbow Gatherings in USA, on our way back from Katmandou, and we were very watchful… as some soups did not contain LSD!

Why do I speak of LSD? Well, because of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. I will, even, venture to say that the rainbow lights of the graphene, in the blood, constitute, intrinsically, a counter-image of the rainbows stemming from the unique and authentic telluric light. 

Graphene Shining in the Light!

The graphene derivatives create a SMOG in the human brain and the energetic system. But, then, who controls the vessel? 

This electromagnetic jamming has, quite simply, as a function, to operate a Great Reset, a Great Reinitialization, in the heart of the human brain, in the heart of its nervous system and in the heart of the second brain, the heart – in short, in the heart of its whole energetic system.

This electromagnetic interference generates a huge existential mess. Question: Who is in charge, neuronally, when the brain has been graphenized? 

Graphene inherently scrambles what has been given to every human animal since the dawn of time; it scrambles, thus, the fundamental source-codes – both information and genetic. 

Graphene Shining in the Light!

The Molecular Spike of Graphene Oxide is a vector of contamination, of parasitization, of vampirization, towards the metamorphosis – the Great Reinitialization – of the organic body into an organo-metallic body… knowing that graphene is a half-metallic and half-mineral compound. Graphene is, therefore, a chimera in many respects. 

This is, truly, the Great Reset, the Great Reinitialization, orchestrated by the demented eugenicist, Klaus Schwab – and all his accomplices, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, etc., etc., ad nauseam. The other, the Great Sociological Reset, is subsequent to and, in fact, dependent upon the first graphene-scented Reset.

Our brains are the prime target of Graphene – and of those who want to inject it into you. And who are they? Who are they? WHO?  If you can’t see it, it’s possible that your brain is already being vampirized by graphene. 

Why would the World Economic Forum want to send your blood to an approved laboratory in order to grant you your Covid-Vaccination-Identity Pass? To check if you were correctly jabbed – obviously. To check if the invisible Spike has been injected in your blood?

No way, to check if the Graphene’s Rainbows have been properly introduced, there in, in order to leave a track lasting quite a while – if you survive…


If I may, and without meaning to be mean, my declared and transparent objective, today, in this open letter, is to undermine, squarely, the pathetic argumentations and propaganda of the whole lot of Covidian dissidents who have invaded, and monopolized, all the alternative scene in regards to the fake pandemics and the universal vaccine genocide. 

I must concede that this task is pretty easy going, and fluid and, unfortunately, it is like shooting on an ambulance but, well, the drivers are so blind… or so drunk from their own infatuated self-importance. 

By the way, it is hugely amazing that nobody – in the demented Woke crowd or in the LGBTxyz hysterical squads – has never imagined that this virtual, obsessive, and obscene, representation of the invisible Sars-CoV-2, in vivid colours, coronated with a multitude of spikes… could, very openly and vividly, portrait a very phallocratic and agressive type of a war-grenade? Patriarcal agressive fake-power in all its apotheosis and morbid splendor!

The Sars virus-grenades do not exist… whereas the graphene-war grenades do exist and they are doing the same “primary effects” in the human organism: piercing, cutting, shredding, disintegrating the cells to death – even the brain cells… as the smallest nano-particles cross, very easily, the hemato-encephalic barrier.

I could have named a bunch of those guys! One of them being the very agressive Spikist, Steve Kirsch. I forwarded, or translated, his articles, in the past, before I discovered he was howling a little bit too forcibly with the “meute médiatique”… of the controlled opposition – the dissident sect of this new Covidian religion for which the ultimate sacrement is the Sacred Spike.

Why do some of them strive so hard to dismiss – with a plethora of so ludicrous lies and propaganda – what has been perceived, by so many, in the microscopes… or through Raman spectroscopic analysis? 

What do they intent to conceal? Why are they protecting the PharMafia from being prosecuted for their evil deeds?

In this vast theater of illusions: who is pulling the strings of these dissident Covidian puppets intensively bent on occulting the graphene truth?

Same chorus, except for the aggressiveness, with Jessica Rose, one of the high-priestesses of the Covid religion – with a very dissident outlook, for sure. Just, a few days ago, did she start, kind of, to realize that, maybe, the graphene was a track.

Jessica, the Graphene is not a track, the graphene is THE Track: a huge and very long Amtrack who is going to train the brain of the zombies – to the tune of the whistles of the World Economic Forum –  who survived the many jabs… but who are heavily graphenized. Jessica, if you do not awake, you are going to miss the train… and it’s Gonna Be the last one!

As to the so-called PEG nano-particles – which ring, to my ears, as “This little piggy went to the market” – they seem to be the only prey of those, so many, slumbering people who pray, very hard, not to see the tracks – which are so black in the snow.. than they can not miss them! These are the tracks of the many nano-composites of graphene… lurking in the human blood. 

As a desert-gardener, in love story with precious compost, I would not give a pint of whale dreck about the track of the Peggy nano-particles.  Not saying, obviously, that this crap is innocuous… but let’s relativize it. 

Indeed, all those obsessed with the invisible Spike protein, coronating the invisible coronavirus king, Sars-CoV-2, are, very simply,“running after a carrot”… if I may reciprocate the expression used by Drs. Ryan Cole, and Peter McCullough, to qualify our reputation. 

Caveat. I normally abstain to qualify, any human being, with names of vegetables, animals or with scatological, eschatological and sexual terms and epithets… but, in this case, I just reciprocate –  in a pure spirit of vengeance. 

May I dare, thus, to speak of “controlled opposition”? Why? Because it smacks of controlled opposition. Science Baby! The freaking out, of the members of the dissident sect, regarding the alleged danger of the protein, in the so-called RNAm vaccines – devoid of RNAm – looks to me like a very spicy, and spiky, psyops. This alternative psyops is conveniently proposed, to all the anti-waxx, and it is poised into the heart of the more inclusive psyops, the Covid Pandemics. Cui bono?

Two Covid fetishists, Ryan Cole and Robert Malone,
with Sars-CoV-2 Neck-Ties
Ryan Cole is becoming so famous, as per his hysterical promotion of cholesterol-based vaccines, that we could confer him the surname “Ryan Cole/Sterol… on Steroids”!

The many ways of the controlled opposition are like Russian Dolls, imbricated in each others, to play a deadly game… but, for tens (and maybe hundreds) of millions of jabbed people, it will be a end-game – at this Russian Roulette. And let’s not forget that I am not just, and strictly, speaking of the Covid vaccines. No way: all the vaccines are dead-stuffed with metallic nano-particles – the most prevailing one, lately, pertaining to the very diverse graphene family.

Would you wake up, once for good?

Steve Kirsch, like Jessica, is good – even excellent, to say – with the numbers and the statistiques. However, for the sake of our Mother’s Dream, can’t all these people plunge, once in a while, in the Cauldron of the Real Life? Are they so expert, in their own field, that they become totally blind to all the rest of the world drama? Are they so narrow-banded, and so disconnected from the true reality, that they just pretend – and turn their banded eyes around?

How many times can a man turn his head

Pretending he just doesn’t see?

The answer, my friend, is shinin’ in the blood

Why don’t they put their head – out of the computers and their cold numbers – in the microscope, once for good, as thousand of people are doing it to osculate the content of the jabs and the blood of the jabbed people? 

We are speaking of blood. We are speaking of the Blood of Life which is contaminated by a bunch of chitosan and metallic nano-particles (graphene and so many more) which are hydrogeling the human organism, psyche included – because everything is Matter… and everything matters, much, as all is Connected. 

And we do not want the human organisms to be connected to the wrong network, the 5 or 6G electro-magnetic one of the robotic archontic fake and virtual reality which the WEF dreams to orchestrate as our worst nightmare. 

There is only one network to be connected to: it is the living network of the Biosphere. When the human spark of life is disconnected from this network, death ensues. 

I am not writing to convince the Covidian members, of the dissident sect, to stop erring in their spikish hallucinations or to un-band their wide-shut eyes. I am writing to educate all those fellows following the Covidian members blindly because they tell an alternative story… and because they own a “name”… Without speaking of them being decorated, like the coronavirus, of mostly gibberish PhDs – conferred by the high-clergy of the all-powerful neo-darwinian religion.  

To quote Zappa, a radical poet: “The PhD people are boring me to pieces. Feel like I am wasting my time”.

Un-banding their eyes, those fellows will move, more swiftly, to raise the brand from their protective sheath, or to raise the brands from their inner fire, in order to put an end to the DisOrder, and to brand whomever needs to be branded… and excluded in the ranks of the perpetrators of the Social Evil – for the sake of the survival of the People.

A family, a community, a tribe, a nation, or a People, which is not able to perceive, and un-mask, the intra-specific predators and evil perpetrators, in its midst – and to eliminate them – does not deserve to survive… and is not going to survive. 

This is the drama of so many people brain-washed by the monotheisms: they are thriving, happily, in a very comfortable vicious circle of collusion victim-perpetrator. 

Will you wake up, once for good?