Los Cantos de Xochi. The Sacrament of Vaccination in the Pasteurian Cult of the Voodoo Child

«Climb these few steps to that stone, Here we’ll rest from our wandering. Here I’ve sat often, thoughtful and alone, Tormenting myself with prayer and fasting. Rich in hope, and firm of faith, Wringing my hands, with sighs even, Tears, to force the end of plague From the very God of Heaven. The crowd’s approval now’s like scorn. O if you could read within me How little the father and the son Deserve a fraction of their glory. My father was a gloomy, honorable man, Who pondered Nature and the heavenly spheres, Honestly, in his own fashion, With eccentric studies it appears: He, in his adepts’ company, Locked in his dark workshop, forever Tried with endless recipes, To make things opposite flow together. The fiery Lion, a daring suitor, Wed the Lily, in a lukewarm bath, there In a fiery flame, both of them were Strained from one bride-bed into another, Until the young Queen was descried, In a mix of colours, in the glass: There was the medicine: the patient died. And who recovered? No one asked. So we roamed, with our hellish pill. Among the valleys and the hills, Worse than the pestilence itself we were. I’ve poisoned a thousand: that’s quite clear: And now from the withered old must hear How men praise a shameless murderer. »

Faust”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here is a translation, and an adaptation, of a Canto I published, on September 10th, 2021, with the title “Los Cantos de Xochi. Le Sacrement de la Vaccination et le Culte Covidien de l’Enfant Vaudou”. This Canto focuses on the sacrifice of the children on the altar of pasteurian allopathic “medicine“ – and, most particularly, the sacrifice of the children on the altar of “vaccines”… which, in fact, never existed as they constitute the most criminal scam of modern “medical” practices – since 1853.

Extreme danger. This philosophical essay, devoid of any taboo, could induce existential crisis with hard-core monotheistic believers who are, thus, invited to be aware and to proceed with prudence.

With the recent very agressive campaigns of “vaccination” of all pregnant women, against the alleged Quantum/19 flu, the Globalists are not, even, waiting for the baby to be born to weaken, mutilate, or kill him, with “vaccines”… The eugenists target, now, the unborn babies in the womb. Indeed, since the beginning of the Quantum/19 vaccinations, in December 2020, some countries have been experiencing a drop of natality in the order of 15 to 25%… because of such an increase in foetal deaths all over the world.

The Quantum/19 vaccinations are definitely “boosting” the destruction of human fertility (in males and females) which has been going on for decades now thanks to all the mutagenic substances present in “vaccines”, in allopathic remedies, in the toxic food, in the cosmetics, in the drinking water, in the pollutants of the atmosphere, etc.

Those who will survive this Tragedy of planet-wide genocide, orchestrated by a small gang of demented eugenicist criminals, will have to metamorphose into human animals able to perceive authentically… because able to perceive aesthetically: the Wild Taste of Beauty. If they wish to continue to survive… And this, in order to initiate, or to accompany, the subsequent phase of the evolution of the Anthropos – namely, its mutation. Goethe’s fundamental message – and it is also the vital message of the Muses of Planetary Tantra [121] – is that authentic, innate and natural perception is a fusional, ego-free immersion in the oceanic waves of ecstatic Beauty that have been emerging and emanating from Gaia, the Planetary Animal Mother, towards Her human witnesses – for millions of years. Are you perceiving from the waves the ever-flowing Beauty?

In France, the PharMacronie (Emmanuel Macron and Agnès Buzyn) introduced, on January 1st 2018, a new vaccinal obligation for all the small children under 18 months old: 11 compulsory “vaccines” instead of 3 before – meaning 53 doses, with the boosters, in the 18 first months of the infants’s life. It is just plainly insane. It is a systematic persecution. And most of the French parents agree without batting an eye. The web of complicities is, thus, vastly extended – with, of course, many different amplitudes of responsibility.

We have educated 5 children without any vaccines and I am very happy to have forged all the vaccine certificates which were requested by the French Vaccinalist Dictature. This is active civil disobedience: I never allowed the State robotic physicians to jab our children.

That is why, in this Canto, I am openly calling the vaccinated child… a “Voodoo Child”…. because vaccination is a spell…. and a nasty evil one. Why?

Eustace Mullins’s book entitled “Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America”

First, because of the syringes and their needles which pierce, puncture, perforate, penetrate… in brief, persecute the children as if they were “Voodoo dolls”.

Anybody vaccinating, testing, masking, distanciating, dissociating, or lockdowning, a child is a child abuser and a child rapist. Let’s call the sheriff or the local police. 

Secondly, because the syringes are stuffed with an evil electuary – and, sometimes, a death-elixir. When the child survive, he lives under this evil spell: the spell of the metallic nano-particles in the “vaccines” – with their own frequency bands and toxicities. Moreover he lives under the spell of the Graphene in the “vaccines”: the worst of the spell, the Archontic “fake-carbon” spell… to connect all the vaccinated/injected people to the virtual Web – or, at least, to some of its Controllers.

Graphene, as being a fake carbon, constitutes a “Voodoo substance” in regards to the true carbon – which is the basis of all living beings. Carbon is Life and Carbon dioxide is Prana. As to Graphene, being a synthetic bi-dimensional entity, it does not exist, naturally, as per the rules of the living Biosphere.

I invite the readers interested in Voodoo – the real one coming from the heart of the Black Africa – to consult Wade Davis’s most excellent book, “The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Society of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis and Magic”.

The hydrogel introduced into the human organism – based on Graphene very often functionalized with chitosan – constitutes a Voodoo substance which is going to replace, inexorably, the true organic and flowing web of Life. The graphene hydrogel is going to zombify, to vampirise, to invade, to clot, to coagulate the human organism. As per the laws of the living Biosphere, the graphene constitutes an alien and “extra-terrestrial” substance in the human organism – and especially so in the brain. Of course, graphene is not the only man-made unnatural substance industrially generated. But today, graphene is the most dangerous for our liberties and for our peace of mind.

About the fake-carbon/graphene spell, see my Canto in French “Los Cantos de Xochi. Au sujet du 666, du Carbone, du Graphène et de la Bête” as well as my essay, in English, “The Necro-Corona of “Molecular Spikes of Graphene Oxide”, and not the invisible coronavirus, induces a SMOG in the human organism”. [27]

Now about this incredible monologue from the first part of “Faust”. In his French translation, the poet Gérard de Nerval proposed «C’est ainsi qu’avec des électuaires infernaux nous avons fait, dans ces montagnes et ces vallées, plus de ravage que l’épidémie. J’ai moi-même offert le poison à des milliers d’hommes ; ils sont morts, et, moi, je survis, hardi meurtrier, pour qu’on m’adresse des éloges! ». The term “electuary” designs a pasty galenic form of medicine, mixing, in synergy, a fair number of active substances – be they minerals, metals, bacteria, fungi, plants or animals.

Today, the world sanitary dictature has done the same: more evil than good in distributing so-called experimental “medicines” to struggle against a pandemic… which, by the way, never existed in the first place. Cui bono?

The medicines of old, based upon spagyric/alchemical knowledge and practices, sometimes, called these electuaries “Theriacs”. King Mithridate Eupator (135-62 BCE), who was obsessed with the fear of poisoning, designed one of the first reputed electuaries from about fifty botanical species – including opium: the “Mithridate”. Then, at the request of the Roman Emperor, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, (37-68 CE), his physician made him a similar electuary, the “Andromache’s Theriac”, but with even more opium and especially viper powder – hence the name “Theriac” derived from “Therios”, meaning wild beast in Greek.

Originally, theriacs were composed of, about, a hundred components and it was the famous physician, Claude Galien, who proposed the most elaborate recipe.

As to the famous and dissident physician, alchemist and spagyrist, Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombast von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus (1493-1541), he was so enamored of medicinal opium that he was nicknamed “Doctor Opiatus” – according to the English physician William Cullen (1710-1790). Paracelsus was, in fact, the creator of the famous “Laudanum”, an electuary composed of opium, saffron, clove, amber, musk, cinnamon, pearl and coral – as a universal panacea or, at least, a panacea of appeasement.

At about the same time, the German botanist and physician Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus (1522-1590) recommended a recipe for barley beer in his book “Kreuterbuch”, whose main ingredient was the sleep-inducing poppy, the opium-poppy (Papaver somniferum).

As Stephen Harod Buhner explained it, in his beautiful book about Beers – “Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation” – in Europa, at one time, all the beers were made from wild medicinal plants. Moreover, most of these beers, being made, also, from wild psychoactive plants, were both medicinal and entheogenic. As well, in Eurasia, hydromel (mead) was entheogenic not just because of the fermented honey but because of the alkaloids stemming from the female brood.

In his work “The Seven Books of the Magical Archidox” , Paracelsus gives the recipe for his Laudanum from substances he calls “spécifiques anodins” – that is, remedies that calm and soothe pain: «Take one drachma of opium thebaici, six ounces of amber arantarium and six ounces of amber citoniorum, half an ounce of cinnamon and as much clove. Mix and mash all this well and put it in an earthen vessel with a transparent lid. Let it digest in the sun or in manure for a month. Then express the whole thing and put it back in a vessel. Let it digest with the following ingredients: one and a half scruples of musk; four scruples of amber; half an ounce of saffron; and coral amber and pearl magisterium, one and a half scruples of each. Mix after having, again, let it digest for a month. Then take one and a half scruples of gold quintessence, mix again, and you will obtain the specific anodyne by which all pains will be removed, inside and out. Moreover, no other limb will be affected anymore.» Magical Archidox. Page 96.

Thus, in this very troubled period of extreme chimerization of the Anthropos, the term “electuary” is much more adequate and evocative. The more so as, very dangerously, chitin and nano-hydrogels – made from graphene, chitosane and other nano-materials – are invading the human organism through injections, pseudo-medications, cosmetics or food (conventional or cellular).

Graphene nano-particles are omnipresent in our daily life: all the “vaccines”, all the remedies, all the dental anesthetics, the anti-ache patches, the condoms, the feminine pads, the jackets, the mattresses, the surf outfits, the night covers, the cosmetics, the shoes, the dental composites, the filtration membranes for water purification, the concrete, the window frames, the 5G towers, the chemtrails, the pesticides, the agro-fertilizers, etc, etc.

In this very explicit confession, coming from Faust himself, the theme of the poisoned electuary is central as Faust has concocted a fake elixir in his laboratory…. and the people are dying. It is a death-elixir and Goethe called this lethal poison the “young queen with various colors” – a coded spagyric term and concept.

As the Nagual John Lash [18] once asked: « Is this text so poignant because Goethe, himself, suffered from evil effects of vaccines?» Indeed, in Europe, in Goethe’s times, the first vaccinolics and vaccine-freaks were already campaigning… supposedly for the betterment of the Gaïan human organism emanated from the Biosphere – millions of years ago. Let us not forget that, in Europe, for example, as early as 1727, the first to promote the sanitary modernism of vaccines was no other than the philosopher Voltaire – in the 11th of his Letters on the English.

Did this arch-criminal Fauci revel in playing the role of a modern Faust? Could it be that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German Shaman, in his extremely visionary genius, had perceived – in his worst nightmarish imaginations about the Future – the demented Fauci participating in the orchestration of this greatest medical fraud in Human history? And in the orchestration of the greatest crime ever intended… against all the Peoples: compulsory injections of nano-metallized “vaccines”.

It was such a pleasure to see the decomposed face of this arch-criminal, the veterinary doctor Anthony Fauci, when it was questioned by the senator Rand Paul about natural immunity) aroud the 7 th of February. [111]

By the way, were you to point out the 12 most criminal and genocidal puppets in charge of the orchestration of this fake pandemic, and of the nano-metallized “vaccines” genocide, what would you choose… for the first Trial? Well, here is my own pick: Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Albert Bourla, Stéphane Bancel, Rochelle Walensky, Christian Drosten, Neil Ferguson, Soumya Swaminathan, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau.

The last one, the Bolshevik Dictator – and, no kidding, the physical son of the Bolshevik Dictator Fidel Castro – got his name, for sure, for the purpose of his mission in life: the utter persecution of the People. “Justin” in tune with the Tzaddik gang! “Trudeau” in tune with True Dude – but only true to his masters, the Banksters and other Xenosh.

And speaking of Tzaddik, and of their “religious inventions”, over the centuries, is it not funny, as a synchronicity, that the invention of the 12 apostles, playing around the fabled Jesus, emerged at about the same period who saw Claudius Ptolemy eliminate the 13th sign in the Zodiacal Constellations” – Zodiacal being a misnomer as Zoo means Life in Greek – who was Ophiuchus, the Shaman, The Snake Bearer. Indeed, Claudius Ptolemy himself created the very famous pizza, in 12 parts, of the modern so-called tropical astrology which is not funded upon the Real Sky of the Real Constellations made by Real Stars. The 12 apostles, around the fabled Jesus, constitue a Fake. As well for the “tropical astrology” which, at least, functions as a symbolical system of interpretation – when the interpreter is rooted – while the pernicious myth of the fabled Jesus has brought havoc in the whole world for almost two millenaries… and still self-perpetuating.

Why the Snake… and not another Constellation? Because the initiates of Old, who created the Zodiacal Constellations”, knew, from first hand knowledge, that the Snake is a representation of Wisdom, the Bearer of Light… in fact Gaïa-Sophia, Herself.[118]  So, the Roman Claudius Ptolemywho is the author of 12 scientific treaties – got rid of the Shaman in the Sky to prepare the ground for the Redeemer, Jesus, the Jewish Voodoo Doll.

For Fauci the Grey, the High Priest of the new evil Covidian religion – in his infernal quest in the pay (and play) of the Banksters – the Universal Vaccine Salvation has represented, for more than forty years, the quintessence of the eugenic “sacrament” through the “sacrifice” of the Peoples, of the Nations, of Humanity – because such is the goodwill of the Xenosh. To whom are they sacrificing?

As a reminder, the terms “sacrament”, “sacred”, “sacrifice”, etc., share the same etymology, “Sak” in Sanskrit, meaning “strength, power” – namely power. An authentic, and true, Telluric “sacrament” is a sharing of power… with Mother Earth – because she owns it in the first place.

With the inclusion of metallic nano-particles of graphene oxide – and, also, of magnetite, ferrite and, perhaps, boron nitride – in vaccines/injections, for a few years now, psychopaths have moved on to another level of “power”/grab, over the injected, thanks to the ability of graphene oxide to resonate and activate, at certain frequencies – in particular those of 5G – and thus to magnetize, irradiate, burn, cancerize and mutate the graphenized.

The Vaccine Genocide is, therefore, participating in the Universal Holocaust of all the Peoples of Planet Earth. For nearly two centuries, this Universal Holocaust, by essence – and by fuel – has been orchestrated by a handful of demented, psychopathic and genocidal criminals in order to burn, consume, damage, oxidize, cancerize, mutagenize, the organic tissues of human animals – as well as the entire Biospheric tissue. The vectors of this Holocaust, with very high cellular disintegration, are, firstly, and fundamentally, “vaccines” and, secondly, all pharmaceutical poisons, agricultural poisons, industrial poisons, radioactive poisons, chimeric poisons, electro-magnetic poisons, etc., etc.

Today, two thousand years later, the Xenosh are trying to replay the Crown of Thorns scenario. The Crown of Thorns of Jesus the Crucified, Nailed and Pierced with a Spear – in short, the Jewish Voodoo Doll – has metamorphosed into a Crown of Protein Spikes, or Spearheads, of a phantom CoronaVirus, against which the Authorities are trying to impose their brand-new “solutions”: a Crown of Graphenized Injections, a Crown of vaccine syringes, with three doses, for the appetizer, followed by a booster every 6 months – ad vitam aeternam – for the sake of sadistic and free persecution… and quite expensive for the persecuted.

In truth, the danger, for the survival of the Peoples, does not come from the Spike protein crown: it comes from the personalized necro-molecular crown surrounding the graphene oxide nanoflakes invading the human body. Indeed, it is a molecular corona – self-constructed from proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids – which forms around the nano-materials when they are exposed to human biological fluids (serum, plasma, milk, cerebrospinal fluid, etc).

The “vaccines” represent the quintessence of the sacrament, through sacrifice, also, because, on the pretext of the alleged foundations of our European civilization, the Authorities invoke the Jewish Voodoo Doll on the pretext that our Europa would have Judeo-Christian roots. The Peoples of Europa, and their Celtic Pagan roots, have been sacrificed, for 1700 years, on the altar of Judeo-Christianity.

The Jewish Voodoo Doll is the child sacrificed on the wooden Cross, every year, for the past 2000 years, three months after his birth in the crib… with the ox and the donkey. The Jewish Voodoo Doll is the Bloody Crucified Nobody, persecuted with the spear, the nails and a crown of thorns, who has been haunting, and contaminating, the psychic atmosphere of Europa for two millenaries… although he never existed.

The Jewish Voodoo Doll’s wooden Cross is a vector – an extra-terrestrial weapon – of Mass Destructions… and Mass Distractions. For 2000 years, the Jewish Voodoo Doll has represented the paragon of Universal Humanity oozing immoderate love… according, at least, to the pernicious myth. Ecce Homo Crucifixus! Jesus is, thus, a form of universal noodle whose mission is to give some consistency, and spice, to the very light and bland brew, theologically speaking, of christo/centric fabulation – under all guises of ecclesiastical, apostolic… and universal insanities.

And these guises of ecclesiastical, apostolic and universal insanities are in exponential multiplications… like the bread loaves of old fame. They are the holy angels, the protecting angels, the fallen angels, the archangels inseminators of Jewish virgins… They are, also, the mosques, Melchizedek, the little Jesus in the crib, Jehovah, the prophets, THE Prophet, the synagogues, Satan, the Paradise, the churches, Yaldabaoth, the Devil, the Virgin Mary, Lucifer, the child-abusing clergymen, the homosexual bishops, the flags of war blessed in the name of the god of love, the imams preachers of civil war, Hell, Sharia, etc, etc. Without forgetting the crime of circumcision and the crime of clitoral excision. And, for the apotheosis, everywhere in the public domain: the savior in cruci/fixion – to fix his cross, and his spell, for ever, in the human mind.

What is the true objective of this fiction of universal redemption through the glorification of suffering?

The Living Atmosphere of Europa has been, in fact, and still is, contaminated by billions of clones of the Cross of the Bloody, Tortured, and Redeeming Jesus. For 20 centuries, the Jewish Voodoo Doll has been haunting the cemeteries, the public squares, the crossroads of the countryside, the chest of the devotees, the speeches of psychotics, the sermons of sexually repressed clergymen who play toboggan with children and teenagers, etc, etc, ad nauseam. According to this very morbid narration, Jesus was sent to death by Jehovah/Yaldabaoth to redeem the human race from its capital sin… Which one? Well, simply the capital sin of being alive, and free, within a Magical, Living, Intelligent and Intentioned Biosphere. Intentioned by whom? By the Mother Herself. And the first man, on Earth, was a woman: many Greek myths speak of the women/tree, the Dryads.

The baby, or infant, jabbed, pierced, persecuted by multiple vaccinations – when he is lucky enough to escape circumcision for the males and clitoral excision for the females – is, also, suffering from the “Jewish Voodoo Doll” syndrome – under another disguise but with the same objective of genocide. Historically, as per the perverse mythology conveyed by the Bible, the foundation of the three Abrahamic religions is, without any doubt whatsoever, the immolated Child – on the stone altar. As to the foundation of the sanitary practices, since 1853 – in the name of civilization – it is, also, without any doubt whatsoever, the immolated and mutilated Child. Would you open your eyes?

And who is the biggest financer of the vaccine religion if not Bill Gates – the Eugenist, by passion? It is, by the way, amusing to see the Media Pack – which is generously financed by this criminal – come to his rescue with headlines reeking of accusatory inversion, such as “Bill Gates, “voodoo doll” of the Internet conspiracists”. [1469] Bill Gates is – together with his valet, Anthony Fauci – one of the great initiators of the Covidian Cult of the Voodoo Child.

Those who refer to the sanitary passport, of the European Globalists, as a bovine transport passport, are right on the spot because the compulsory vaccine – the real objective of this illegal passport – is part of the Great Plandemic, of the Great Machination… which is a Great Vachination if I may attempt to convert my French pun… as Cow is Vache – and Vaccine comes from that word.

Indeed, isn’t it disturbing, and awakening, to discover that the term “vaccine” comes from the Latin word “vacca”, for cow – because of “variola vaccina” for “cowpox”… to the fraudulent credit of Pasteur the Impostor? In Latin, “vaccinus” means “of cow”. The Latin term “vaccinus” comes from the Proto Indo European root “waka”. The vaccine/sanitary passport of the immensely corrupted European technocrats is, thus, a bovine passport for the Goyims – as a proof of their injection/graphenization.

And the cow is also there, in the crib, waiting for the baby, little Jesus, to be sacrificed… a few months later – just like the sacrifice, on the stone altar, of Abraham’s child… the foundation stone of the three monotheisms.

Coincidentally, just after I posted this Canto, I discovered that Eustace Mullins had written a book entitled “Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America” – the cover of which shows the baby Jesus, being vaccinated, surrounded by the cow and the donkey, in a laboratory setting. [1354]  [1355] Eustace Mullins is also a disciple of Ezra Pound – which makes him immediately extremely sympathetic.

Jesus, Yeshua, “the Healer”, is crucified on the Wooden Cross… every year. Isn’t this an evil spell – planted in the collective unconsciousness – very appropriate to the total destruction of natural medicines supplanted by the toxic, and very expensive, poisons of the multinationals of the Pharmacracy?

Natural medicines have been so annihilated, ridiculed, slandered, chased, banned, etc., that today, we can affirm that the jabbed baby, the vaccinated infant, the injected child, is, in truth, a “Voodoo Child”. It is a child raped by needles injecting poisons which will modify its Destiny… forever.

In the case of the anti-Quantum/19 injections, or Sanofi-Pasteur’s anti-influenza injections – and, in fact, inexorably, of all “vaccines” on the market – it is, even, a “Cyborg Voodoo Child”… as the injected graphene oxide metallic nano-particles fuse with biological cells to create a chimerical, magnetized – and potentially connected to the Web entity.

A child, punctured by needles of graphenizing syringes, is a “Voodoo Child” sacrificed on the altar of Abraham. A child, perforated with needles of graphenizing syringes, is a “Voodoo Child” taken away from the cradle and crucified – three months later. It is the same genocide, with the same roots, which has been going on for a few millenaries.

On this subject of the persecution of the children – and of the destruction of youngsters’s sexuality by the Desert’s fathers, see the excellent chapter “The Desert Fathers” in the book “Nature and Madness”, de Paul Shepard (1925-1996) – chapter which, by the way, I translated into French. Paul Shepard is one of my heroes.

In France, the most recent and cruelest manifestation of the persecution of “Voodoo Children” is to the credit – and criminal liability… a starry day – of psychopaths Emmanuel Macron and Agnès Buzyn. It is the decree, of January 1, 2018, instituting 11 mandatory vaccinations in the body of infants before the age of 18 months. [1401]

Before January 1, 2018, only three injections were mandatory: diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis. The other 8 injections added – for all infants born after this date – are, allegedly, against: pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B bacteria, pneumococcus and meningococcus C.

Only three injections is, of course, three too many. Lets us not forget that the babies and infants have been dying, for dozens of years, while the CDC, in the USA, does not, even, have a vaccine cause for these sudden death of babies which are sometimes called “Sudden infant death syndrome” or “crib death”. On this subject, see “History: Babies, Vaccines and Sudden Death” (Daniel Nagase) [113] ; “Reaffirming a Positive Correlation Between Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality Rates: A Response to Critics” (February 02, 2023) [114]; “Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?[115] and “Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature” [128].

Agnès Buzyn has subsequently taken legal action by putting in place the premiss of a compulsory vaccination of adolescent males against an almost non-existent danger – namely cancers induced by papillomaviruses – allowing millions of doses of Cervarix or Gardasil to be sold, for a few billion euros, which constitutes one of the most genocidal and sterilizing vaccinations/injections.

In fact, the Natural Order – Natural Medicines – was definitively eradicated, in the USA, towards the end of the First World Slaughter, because the year 1918 represents not only the year of the complete destruction of homeopathic and naturopathic medicines, but also the launching of the Spanish Flu of 1918/1920 – which was a bacterial pneumonia – induced and reinforced by a massive campaign of vaccinations/injections, all of which were as experimental as each other. I refer the reader to my essay “H1N1 never existed : The Spanish Flu, of 1918/1920, was a Bacterial Pneumonia induced by the Rockefeller Foundation’s “vaccines””.

Vaccinalists are child rapists. Anyone who masks children is a child molester. All those who prevent children from kissing and touching each other are child rapists. Anyone who graphenizes children with face masks, injections, and PCR tests is a child rapist. All those who practice the Covidian Cult of Child Voodoo are child rapists.

Speaking of masks that are not only useless but extremely dangerous and even deadly… What is the difference between wearing a Covidian mask and wearing an Islamic veil? – or Christian when it is about the Virgin Mary of Judea, the mythical mother of the Jewish Voodoo Doll. Do we remember, at the time of the epic of the Yellow Vests, a string of French Macronian ministers, held in leash under the ritual Kippa, evoking the Republican drama of the Islamic Veil? What drama is it about, then, when a whole population hides its face behind a facial mask – sometimes embellished with nano-particles of graphene or silver zeolite – to struggle against an inexistant virus?

Within the Natural Order, Natural Food was definitely corrupted with the invention of chemical and toxic agriculture by Justus Liebig Möser in 1844. Within the Natural Order, Natural Medicine was also corrupted, around the same period, by the launching of the first vaccination campaigns.

In fact, the first compulsory vaccination was in the United Kingdom, in 1853, with an anti-smallpox injection. No coincidence: it is worth noting that in 1853, Alfred Russel Wallace, credited as the co-founder of the Theory of Evolution, published his first works concerning common theses with Darwin. “On the Monkeys of the Amazons”, “On the Law Which Has Regulated the Introduction of New Species”, “On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type”…

Must I recall that, in the space of about fifteen years, Humanity was attacked, and persecuted, by three simultaneous offensives? These were Chemical Agriculture (in 1844), Marxism (in 1848) and Darwinism/Neo-Darwinism (in 1859) – of which Pasteurian vaccinalist virology is a branch.

As the neo-Darwinist insane pathology invaded the social fabric and the spheres of science, medicine, genetics, education – in fact, all the spheres – the hold of the three monotheisms, on the Peoples, began to disintegrate… All the more so since the Enlightenment, in Europe, had already prepared the ground pretty well and since the “dialectic materialism” had started to contaminate the psyche of the lumpen proletariat… in quest of a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel of industrial slavery. Bolsheviks used to say that Marxism starts where neo-Darwinism stops: it is, simply, about sharing territories (of invasion) between two factions of Neo-Zionists.

It is, also, about sharing territories (of illusions) when a Christian is a neo-Darwinist, during the week, at work – and vice versa, during the week-end, for the cult. With such a collusion between two anti-natural religious sects, could we, even, consider the Jewish Virgin Mary as the lucky subject (a Singularity!) of a form of natural selection, in the neo-Darwinist mode of “evolution” – through random, blind and non-intentional mutation – which allowed the Jewish strain, of the Armenoid Race, to engender the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus, in a parthenocarpic mode? That is to say, an “immaculate” conception without the rites of passage through the sacred cave of the Yoni inflamed with her ecstatic saps and the feverish waves of his inflated Lingam.

Nothing is mythically simple because, truly, Jesus was not the Messiah that the Judaists expected. Jesus was the Messiah expected by the Christians who did not know it – because they did not yet exist – yet. Paul of Damascus had still to invent them! What great times do we live in!

Thus, among the Peoples of Europe – especially in the much more vaccinated/genocidal/nano-graphenized Western Europe – the Vaccine is replacing the Host as an essential Sacrament.

About the Enlightenment, and the beginning of the crumbling of Christianity, it is not trivial that Voltaire was one of the very first to promote the crime of vaccination. Namely, as early as 1727, in the 11th of his Letters on the English – better known as Philosophical Letters – entitled “On the insertion of the smallpox”, Voltaire evokes the debates that arose from what was then called inoculation. It is true that he could not imagine, in his time, that vaccines were going to become such a sacrament thanks to Louis Pasteur’s infamous schemes. Pasteur, the ImPosteur, was indeed an expert and perverse forger.

In this same stream of thought considering the “Vaccinated Child” as the “Voodoo Child”, it is easy to perceive, for those who can still see, that the child lies like a victim on the altar of medicine, waiting to be pierced – with needles. He is a non-consenting victim. And this is exactly the intrinsic meaning of the term “Host” which comes from the Latin “Hostia” – meaning “victim offered in expiation”. Hostia is derived from the Proto-Indo-European “ghō̆s” – meaning “to eat” just like the Sanskrit “ghas”. The meme of “victim offered in atonement” brings us to Azazel in Hebrew mythology… but, for today, I am not going to risk to attract more “anathemas” – as it relates to the very sensitive theme of the Scapegoat.

The Peoples of Europa, and then of the whole planet, have been, for almost 2000 years, pierced, mutilated, persecuted, bewitched by the syndrome of the Jewish Voodoo Doll, the Bloody Jesus on the Cross, the Sacrificial Supplicant, the Cosmic Looser, the one whom the whole Universe abandoned: Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani…

Question: for what expiation is the “Vaccinated Child” the offered victim? And, in a more general way, this question also arises for the “Vaccinated Human”, the “Voodoo Human” – for in the vision of the initiates of yesteryear, the Anthropos is called the Child of Light.

 «When Pistis saw the impiety of the chief archon she was filled with anger. She was invisible. She said, “You are mistaken, Samaël,” that is, “blind god.” “There is an immortal child of light that came into existence before you and who will appear among your modeled forms, who will trample you to scorn just as potter’s clay is pounded. And you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you. For at the consummation of your works the entire defect that has become visible out of the truth will be abolished.» Nag-Hammadi Library. On the Origin of the World. (102.15-25)

In the pernicious myth of Christian monotheism – in the Catholic mode – the act of symbolic cannibalism, with the flesh/host of the crucified, is called “holy communion”. In the case of the sacrament of the Vaccinal Host, with the perfume of CoqueVide/19, it is rather a matter of “holy communism”, if I may neologize, that is to say, of losing one’s body and soul in the great Universal Communist and Bolshevik soup that Klaus Schwab pretends to make us swallow… with his reinitialization with the colors of a green dictatorship – even a rainbow one. For the Progressives have, in fact, stolen the rainbow from us… to distract the crowds with their dazed LGBT zombies.

We must work hard to reset the entire societal system in the direction of Mutualism and Freedom. And, above all, to “Reset” the vectors, experts in Social Evil, who are at the origin of this universal societal cancer – such as the demented “Transhumanists” of the World Economic Forum. Some speak of recycling when others speak of reinitializing… It is always nice to have alternatives… but what is left, then, to recycle from this deadly society? As for the “Transhumanists, haven’t they already excluded themselves from the whole Humanity.

“Humanity” does not exist – biologically speaking. “Humanity” is only a nebulous concept invented by those who intend to destroy the Peoples and Ethnos by reducing them to a universal and mixed soup: the destruction of all Races and Ethnos, on Earth, is the daily obsession of those who pretend to be from somewhere else.

Progressives have made cognitive dissonance their most aggressive tool. On the one hand, we have the slogan “my body, my choice, my freedom”, when it comes to eliminating the unwanted fruit in the woman’s womb. On the other hand, the Progressives are the most relentless promoters of compulsory vaccination for the whole population, including children, against a non-existent pandemic, brandishing their threatening injunctions, and injections, accompanied by the dictatorial slogan “your body, our choice, without freedom”.

Today, the new Covidian Religion – which is also a Religion of injections, masks, tests, social distancing, non-contact and lock-down – is in the process of supplanting the other well established religions… insofar as it forbids, even, sometimes, the exercise of their collective religious practices in order to stop the dissemination of a non-existent coronavirus…

… and insofar, also, as it has undertaken a popular de-population, that is to say a planetary depopulation, which does not make any difference, from a genocidal point of view, between the religions… But which does, a little more, notwithstanding, on the level of the colors because the White is particularly targeted, when we speak of vaccinal extermination… under pretext that this color, white, would not exist in the inclusive rainbow – or that the white color would, only, be a universal soup of all the true colors.

In Canada, the inclusive maniacs, in woke fashion, have started burning books in public. It is indeed a very good idea to burn intoxicating books for youth. I propose that the first three books to be wiped off the face of the planet should be the Bible, Marx’s Manifesto and Harry Potter.

The Pasteurian Cult of Vaccination is a child-raping religion – just like the three monotheistic Abrahamic religions based on the sacrifice of the Child on the stone altar. What are you going to you do to free your children from this nightmare – the Pasteurian Cult of Voodoo Child?


Post-Word. Although I am not used to expose details of my biography, I would, notwithstanding wish to point out that I speak so freely of the Jewish Voodoo Doll religion because I have been extremely brainwashed into it, when I was young… and I escaped, from it, thanks to the very precious protection of Keridwen, a powerful Celtic sorceress.

Indeed, I am born in Britany, in France, in an extremely catholic setting – the first of 11 children. My father, before generating 11 children was almost ordained, in Sahara, in a catholic religious order of Pères Blancs. Then, part of his life, he was the director of the choirs of the local catholic parish. Moreover, my godfather was a catholic priest and my godmother was a religious catholic nun missionary, all her life, in Dahomey (the present Benin). 

As to myself, I started my university studies, at 18 years of age, in the Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Nantes… to become a Catholic priest. I split from the sect three months later when I asked one of my theology teachers what he thought about the Dead Sea Scrolls. He looked at me without answering. It was in 1971 and the People had to wait until 1997 for the Dead Sea Scrolls to be liberated from the Vatican vaults where they had been hidden for 50 years. 

When I was 18, I was reading, as well, the French catholic theologian and dissident Teilhard de Chardin, the German protestant pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, the Tibetan scholar Lama Anagarika Govinda, etc… 

Then, in my middle age, I immersed myself in Anthroposophy. Somewhere, in France, in Ardèche, I have a library with 500 books on the subject of Anthroposophy. Rudolf Steiner was an Anarchist when he was young and then, older, he became an esoteric Christian trying to redeem the Redeemer with a christo-centric soup… which is really “mission impossible”. 

It is OK… because all the Ways lead to Gaïa, to Sophia, to the Mother-Earth, to the Planetary Animal Mother. Bom Shakti!