H1N1 never existed : The Spanish Flu, of 1918/1920, was a Bacterial Pneumonia induced by the Rockefeller Foundation’s “vaccines”

Foreword in relation with my many articles about fake food, insect food and cellular agriculture. One of the major problems, induced by these fake foods, is the use of “bovine foetal serum”. Well, nowadays, how many people know that the serums, medications and vaccines, concocted by the Rockefeller Foundation and distributed throughout the world, in 1918/1920, during the pseudo “Spanish Flu” – which was neither a flu nor Spanish – were prepared in live horses. Moreover, these were the same laboratory-horses that were used for the preparation of various serums/vaccines supposedly against meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria… Namely, the same horses played the role of “bio-fermenters” as they were inoculated with various “pathogens” in order to produce serums in millions of copies – in order to “necro-ferment” human bodies…

Today, throughout the world, hundreds of millions of People are dying, or going to die, from the CoYid vaccines injected by the billions – by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, etc – as, exactly, one hundred years ago, tens of millions of Peoples were dying from the Rockefeller Foundations’s vaccines.

It should be noted that Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and the arch-criminal Antony Fauci, have published, on January 23 rd, 2023, a new study titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses”  [86] which highlights the fact that the CoYid vaccines could not work!!!!

On March 4, 1918, Corporal Albert Gitchell of the U.S. Army reported that a hundred soldiers at Camp Funston at Fort Riley, Kansas, were suffering from flu-like symptoms. These soldiers constituted the first wave of victims of what was later called, by the authorities, the “Spanish Flu”. This epidemic quickly spread to other military camps and prisons, and then to the battlefields of the First World Slaughter – 84,000 U.S. soldiers landed in Europe in March 1918, followed by 118,000 U.S. soldiers in April 1918. The “Spanish Flu” killed 675,000 people in the U.S. and up to 65 million people worldwide, according to the highest estimates.

The “Spanish Flu” was never a viral flu but a bacterial pneumonia induced by an experimental vaccination campaign.

Indeed, from January 21 to June 4, 1918, the soldiers of Camp Funston, Kansas, were the experimental subjects, the guinea pigs, of a new vaccination against bacterial meningitis, issued by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York, and concocted by Lieutenant Peter K. Olitsky. The report explaining, in detail, the various vaccination procedures is entitled “A report on antimeningitis vaccination and observations on agglutinins in the blood of chronic meningococcus carriers” and it dates from June 20, 1918. [155]

According to this report – written by the eugenicist Frederick Gates – almost all the soldiers of the 342nd Land Artillery Regiment volunteered for this vaccination following a single case of meningitis, in this regiment, in October/November 1917. This report states that more than 5000 soldiers were used as guinea pigs. This experimental vaccination campaign included three injections of 2000 million, 4000 million and 4000 to 8000 million meningococci at a few weeks interval. [19]  [20]

With Frederick Gates, we have the very beginning of the “Vaccine Gate” whose present and main culprit is the arch-criminal Bill Gates, the former president of Microsoft who has just resigned from his position like hundreds of business leaders, all over the world, who sensed”… that the Quantum/19 would strike.

Frederick Gates, moreover, wrote another study, in June 1918, entitled “Antibody Production after Partial Adrenalectomy in Guinea Pigs”. [21] This study followed two others of the same kind: one, from 1907, entitled “Serum Treatment of Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis”, de Simon Flexner et Joblings, [22] and one, from 1916, entitled “A Method for the Rapid Preparation of Antimeningitis Serum”, de Amos et Wellstein. [23]

Simon Flexner was the first director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research – from 1901 to 1935. [28] He worked specifically on polio vaccines. It was his brother Abraham Flexner who was the author of the infamous “Flexner Report” which closed down half the medical schools in the USA.

Namely, it was Abraham Flexner who closed all medical schools in the USA that taught homeopathy or naturopathy – in order to promote Industrial Pharmacy, allopathy and its toxic vaccines.

At that time, Karl Landsteiner was, also, working on poliomyelitis and it was at the Pasteur Institute in Paris that he carried out his criminal experiments on the monkeys of this Institute… just as criminal. [25]

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was created in 1901 by John D. Rockefeller. Its director was William Welch, a eugenicist, a member of the Skull and Bones fraternity of Yales University and a director of the Eugenics Record Office Records – as stated in this 2018 study entitled “The power of heredity and the relevance of eugenic history”. [26]

Here is the essential contribution of Dr. Eleanor McBean who witnessed this health tragedy in 1918. It is an excerpt from her 1977 book “Swine flu Exposed”. [24]

«I was an on-the-spot observer of the 1918 influenza pandemics. All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had. Strong men, hale and hearty, one day would be dead the next. The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected, “seeded”, with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums. When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once it was tragic.

That pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poison drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms. As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations so we remained well all the time. We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden and others, that people cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.

When the flu was at its peak, all the stores were closed as well as the schools, businesses — even the hospital, as the doctors and nurses had been vaccinated too and were down with the flu. No one was on the streets. It was like a ghost town. We seemed to be the only family which didn’t get the flu; so my parents went from house to house doing what they could to look after the sick, as it was impossible to get a doctor then. If it were possible for germs, bacteria, virus, or bacilli to cause disease, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they were spending many hours a day in the sick rooms. But they didn’t get the flu and they didn’t bring any germs home to attack us children and cause anything. None of our family had the flu — not even a sniffle— and it was in the winter with deep snow on the ground.

It has been said that the 1918 flu epidemic killed 20,000,000 people throughout the world. But, actually, the doctors killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and drugs. This is a harsh accusation but it is nevertheless true, judging by the success of the drugless doctors in comparison with that of the medical doctors.

While the medical men and medical hospitals were losing 33% of their flu cases, the non-medical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK, KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100% healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods. One health doctor didn’t lose a patient in eight years.

The very successful health treatment of one of those drugless doctors who didn’t lose any patients will be given in the other part of this book, titled VACCINATION CONDEMNED, to be published a little later.

If the medical doctors had been as advanced as the drugless doctors, there would not have been those 20 million deaths from the medical flu treatment.

There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians, and the diseases were those they had been vaccinated against. One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease. Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the world-wide vaccination campaign in 1918.»

The underlined passages are mine in order to highlight the fact that this pandemic of bacterial pneumonia manifested itself in multiple pathological forms and that it affected almost exclusively those who were vaccinated or medicated in allopathic forms.

During this First Great World Slaughter, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York distributed its toxic and criminal anti-meningitis serum in France, Italy, England, Belgium and other countries… which further amplified the “pandemic” in Europe.

It was in 1920 that Chas. Higgins published his 250-page book entitled “Horrors of Vaccination Illustrated and Exposed”. [27] It is a poignant testimony to the horror of the genocidal vaccinations of the time. Would you think that the situation has evolved, in the last century, in terms of the magnitude of the Vaccine Horror? Today, we may even speak of Vaccine Holocaust.

Moreover, as Eleanor McBean mentions when she talks about the distribution of very high doses of drugs of all kinds – of which the populations were the guinea pigs – it is very likely that part of the deaths during the 1918/1920 pandemic can be attributed to the indiscriminate use of aspirin. Or at least, it is very likely that aspirin was an extremely aggravating factor as stated in this 2009 study entitled “Salicylates and pandemic influenza mortality, 1918-1919 pharmacology, pathology, and historic evidence.” [51]

The bacterial pneumonia nature of this pandemic has been highlighted by various studies including the 2008 study entitled “Deaths from Bacterial Pneumonia during 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic” published by Australian Army vaccine researchers. [29]

«Deaths during the 1918–19 influenza pandemic have been attributed to a hypervirulent influenza strain. Hence, preparations for the next pandemic focus almost exclusively on vaccine prevention and antiviral treatment for infections with a novel influenza strain. However, we hypothesize that infections with the pandemic strain generally caused self-limited (rarely fatal) illnesses that enabled colonizing strains of bacteria to produce highly lethal pneumonias. This sequential-infection hypothesis is consistent with characteristics of the 1918–19 pandemic, contemporaneous expert opinion, and current knowledge regarding the pathophysiologic effects of influenza viruses and their interactions with respiratory bacteria. This hypothesis suggests opportunities for prevention and treatment during the next pandemic (e.g., with bacterial vaccines and antimicrobial drugs), particularly if a pandemic strain–specific vaccine is unavailable or inaccessible to isolated, crowded, or medically underserved populations. » [29]

The same year, 2008, saw the publication of another study drawing the same conclusions. This study entitled “Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness” was published by the team of the vaccine-freak Jeffery K. Taubenberger. [30]

«Despite the availability of published data on 4 pandemics that have occurred over the past 120 years, there is little modern information on the causes of death associated with influenza pandemics. We examined relevant information from the most recent influenza pandemic that occurred during the era prior to the use of antibiotics, the 1918–1919 “Spanish flu” pandemic. We examined lung tissue sections obtained during 58 autopsies and reviewed pathologic and bacteriologic data from 109 published autopsy series that described 8398 individual autopsy investigations.

The majority of deaths in the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract bacteria. Less substantial data from the subsequent 1957 and 1968 pandemics are consistent with these findings. If severe pandemic influenza is largely a problem of viral-bacterial copathogenesis, pandemic planning needs to go beyond addressing the viral cause alone (e.g., influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs). Prevention, diagnosis, prophylaxis, and treatment of secondary bacterial pneumonia, as well as stockpiling of antibiotics and bacterial vaccines, should also be high priorities for pandemic planning. » [30]

These researchers found streptococci or pneumococci in 98.2% of the lung tissue fragments examined – thus highlighting the strictly bacterial nature of this hecatomb.

To claim that the viral strain was in no way dangerous and to put forward the hypothesis of a sequential infection of the bacterial pneumonia type… is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Bacterial pneumonia was the primary infection and the H1N1 “Spanish Flu” virus never existed.

If we summarize the official version. According to the above-mentioned report, eugenicist Frederick Gates – one of the main instigators of the creation of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and, indeed, of the Rockefeller Foundation – thousands of soldiers were given several injections of an experimental vaccine against bacterial meningitis. These soldiers then developed symptoms that “simulated” meningitis and Frederick Gates, with great aplomb, claimed that it was not real meningitis – just a simulation. It was this simulated meningitis that initiated the pandemic of 1918/1920.

This was the beginning of the great scam, the great deception, the collective hallucination called the “Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918/1920” – a foretaste of the second scam of the century called the CoYid/2019 pandemic raging in 2020 – exactly 100 years after the end of the so-called “Spanish Flu. Is everything ok?

According to Jeffery K. Taubenberger, one of the authors of the previous study, all the recent flupandemics are the result of mutations of the “viral pandemic“” (H1N1 type) of 1918-1920: namely the Asian Flu H2N2 strain (1957-1958), the Hong Kong Flu H3N2 strain (1968-1969), the fake Swine Flu H1N1 pandemic (2009-2010), etc, ad nauseam.

It should be noted that Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and the arch-criminal Antony Fauci, have published, on January 23 rd, 2023, a new study titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses”  [86] which highlights the fact that the CoYid vaccines could not work!!!!

Jeffery K. Taubenberger was even funded by the Gates Foundation and DARPA (of the US Department of Defense) to genomically reconstruct the “Spanish Flu” virus strain – which was a bacterial pneumonia… His study is entitled “Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Virus: Unexpected Rewards from the Past”. [31]

Jeffery K. Taubenberger’s great deception consists in claiming, again and again, that the origin of the “Spanish Flu” lies in a nasty strain of avian flu which, by misfortune, attacked thousands of soldiers in Kansas who had just volunteered to be the guinea pigs of a vaccine experiment against bacterial meningitis.

Or was it a bird flu that had badly attacked a herd of pigs beforehand – because “bird flu” strains are not known to jump to humans so easily? It is indeed an unfortunate coincidence that the only mutation, in the USA, of this H1N1 strain, developed precisely in the region of Fort Riley, Kansas, where thousands of freshly vaccinated soldiers were stationed… and on their way to Europe to participate in the First Great World Slaughter (the Second Franco-German Slaughter following the first one of 1870/1871).

May we suspect, with the risk of being attacked for hate speech, that the same criminals have been orchestrating these many wars – the world slaughters to get rid of the farmers – as well as the Vaccine Genocides and Vaccine Holocaust?

According to this fairy tale, this human H1N1 strain was then passed on to pigs around 1918, who kept it safe, nice and cosy, for around 90 years as a differentiated swine viral strain – that is, differentiated from the original 1918 human H1N1 pandemic viral strain.

What emerges from this gigantic pseudo-scientific scam [31] is that Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and his gang of eugenicist collaborators, have as their final and exclusive objective the development of a universal anti-influenza vaccination, which would be valid for all past, present and future influenza strains.

There is no need to look for photographs of “isolated” pathogenic viruses on the internet. There are only 3D models, artistic renderings with a myriad of psychedelic colors. So do pathogenic viruses have a real existence, by the way? Or are they just pure laboratory constructions?

The only pictures that can be found on the internet – as Stephan Lanka has amply proved – of the pathogenic viruses of polio, measles, smallpox, herpes, hepatitis A, influenza A, AIDS/HIV, Ebola… are only artistic renderings, inside cells, of an alleged viral load. [32]