Homo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organism

In this essay, my objective – transparent and stated – is to address the topic of chitin, allegedly “edible” and “nutritional”, and its toxicity in the human body as well as the topic of chitosan, a chitin derivative, which is widely used with various forms of metallic nanoparticles – including graphene nanoparticles (graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, carbon quantum dots, etc.) – for so-called “medical” applications in the form of polymers, nanogels and other hydrogels.

H1N1 never existed : The Spanish Flu, of 1918/1920, was a Bacterial Pneumonia induced by the Rockefeller Foundation’s “vaccines”

On March 4, 1918, Corporal Albert Gitchell of the U.S. Army reported that a hundred soldiers at Camp Funston at Fort Riley, Kansas, were suffering from flu-like symptoms. These soldiers constituted the first wave of victims of what was later called, by the authorities, the “Spanish Flu”. This epidemic quickly spread to other military camps and prisons, and then to the battlefields of the First World Slaughter – 84,000 U.S. soldiers landed in Europe in March 1918, followed by 118,000 U.S. soldiers in April 1918. The “Spanish Flu” killed 675,000 people in the U.S. and up to 65 million people worldwide, according to the highest estimates.

Graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, synthetic DNA, in the nanofibers of cell-cultured meats grown in metal tanks… and in animal meats

After posting my last very voluminous dossier on the Chitinization of Peoples, and as I contemplated, in the pleasant atmosphere of my home, wisps of ganja smoke attempting to counterbalance the contaminations of nano-technological chemtrails – my Rigpa informed me that it was very likely that graphene oxide, or any other form of graphene, was on the occult menu of the “cellular, cultured, 3D meats”… which are announced as the ultimate sustainable, circular, eco-friendly, blah blah blah, food revolution. And that graphene is, even, without any doubt, in the very fibers of certain animal meats… I then went on a quest… and this quest was fruitful.

The Economist. The World Ahead 2023: Une Flambée d’Opérations Psychologiques Spéciales

D’un point de vue structurel, tout autant que de fond, la couverture “The World Ahead 2023”, de l’Economist, rebondit, à divers titres, sur la couverture, “The World Ahead 2022”, dont j’ai proposé mon très long commentaire circonstancié, et intuitif, le 15 janvier 2021 – intitulé “Au sujet du 666, du Carbone, du Graphène et de la Bête”. 

Anti-Oxidant Sources to Destroy the Graphene Oxide Necro-Molecular Crown

All those who are not inclined to confront the truth of the vaccine genocide, on the tune of warp-speed graphene oxide – because their viscera are too permeable – can, still, consider that this long article presents a spectrum of anti-oxidants which, for the most part, have been validated against the so-called  “Covid”, or “Long Covid”, huge list of symptom and pathologies.