Graphene in Agriculture

Appetizer : CoYid/19 “vaccines” soon in your lettuce and spinach?

GSK/Pfizer is proposing a new vaccine for CoYid/19 made in partnership with the necro-technology company Medicago – which launched phase 3 trials in March 2021.[670] Its technicians are inserting genetic sequences into genetically modified soil bacteria – namely, genetic chimeras of the species Agrobacterium tumefaciens – that are inoculated into plants of a Tobacco species, Nicotiana benthamiana. In the spring of 2020, the director of Medicago declared that he could produce 10 million doses of “vaccines”, against CoYid/19, per month.

See the 2017 study titled “Replication-independent long-distance trafficking by viral RNAs in Nicotiana benthamiana.”…[1604]. According to this study, when the so-called brome mosaic virus is inoculated – via chimeric Agrobacterium tumefaciens – into a tobacco leaf, it subsequently spreads to all parts of the plant.

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Presentation of my English publications about the fake pandemics and the vaccine genocide

Who am I? Xochi, aka Dominique Guillet, founder in 1999, of “Association Kokopelli”, in France, which has the biggest offer of Open-Pollinated and Heirloom Organic Seeds in the world. Not a rumor but just a fact: 10 years of struggle in the European Courts of Injustice against Monsanto and the whole seed-mafia… and we are still alive.

I am 70 years old, I raised 5 children with, strictly, no vaccines and I have no patience with the psychopaths and other perpetrators of the Social Evil. And that is why, also, I have the immense pleasure to be the French translator of the Nagual John Lash – “Sophianic School of Arts and Sciences” with my website “Magie Tantrique Gaïenne”.

My Substack is here: Xochi’s Substack

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Homo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organism

Chapter 2 of “Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine”



About Chitin

Fascinating discoveries by entomologist and biologist Philip Callahan on insect chitin and molecular bio-electronics

Fascinating discoveries of the Russian entomologist and bio-physicist, Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov, concerning the anti-gravitational properties of certain insect chitins

Chitin and Chitosan in electricity production

Chitin and Chitosan in Nano-Medicine

Chitin and Chitosan in the Graphene-based Polymers of Nano-Medicine: Vaccines, carriers, etc

Chitin and Chitosan in the Hydrogels of Nano-Medicine

Hydrogels and Necro-Molecular Graphene Oxide Corona… towards Homo chimericus

Chitinization of daily life. Chitosan in packaging, cosmetics, wines, weight loss products, … and even certified organic products

Toxicity of Chitin, and Chitosan, in the Human Organism

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Serait-il paranoïaque d’imaginer que le Graphène soit présent dans la climatisation des avions – et, donc, dans les poumons des passagers?

Le Graphène est présent dans des “vaccins” sous forme de spray intra-nasaux, et dans de multiples membranes de purification de l’eau et de l’air; le Graphène est, supposément anti-bactérien, anti-viral et même fongicide…; le Graphène est, déjà, utilisé pour la climatisation d’autobus.

En effet, si l’on part des postulats suivants. 

Le Graphène est présent dans des aérosols médicaux: 

Nano-tubes de carbone dans un “vaccin” anti “VIH” [147]

Moderna vient d’introduire un “vaccin” anti-CoqueVide à base d’ARNm et de nano-particules lipidiques [148]

“Vaccin” intra-nasal, anti-grippal, avec des nanoparticules d’oxyde de graphène [138]

“Vaccin” anti-CoqueVide/19 à l’oxyde de graphène fabriqué par la société Turque Nanografi [136]  [142]

“Vaccin” intra-nasal, anti-grippal, avec des nanoparticules d’oxyde de graphène [141]

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H1N1 never existed : The Spanish Flu, of 1918/1920, was a Bacterial Pneumonia induced by the Rockefeller Foundation’s “vaccines”

Foreword in relation with my many articles about fake food, insect food and cellular agriculture. One of the major problems, induced by these fake foods, is the use of “bovine foetal serum”. Well, nowadays, how many people know that the serums, medications and vaccines, concocted by the Rockefeller Foundation and distributed throughout the world, in 1918/1920, during the pseudo “Spanish Flu” – which was neither a flu nor Spanish – were prepared in live horses. Moreover, these were the same laboratory-horses that were used for the preparation of various serums/vaccines supposedly against meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria… Namely, the same horses played the role of “bio-fermenters” as they were inoculated with various “pathogens” in order to produce serums in millions of copies – in order to “necro-ferment” human bodies…

Today, throughout the world, hundreds of millions of People are dying, or going to die, from the CoYid vaccines injected by the billions – by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, etc – as, exactly, one hundred years ago, tens of millions of Peoples were dying from the Rockefeller Foundations’s vaccines.

It should be noted that Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and the arch-criminal Antony Fauci, have published, on January 23 rd, 2023, a new study titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses”  [86] which highlights the fact that the CoYid vaccines could not work!!!!

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The Sacrament of Vaccination in the Pasteurian Cult of the Voodoo Child

«Climb these few steps to that stone, Here we’ll rest from our wandering. Here I’ve sat often, thoughtful and alone, Tormenting myself with prayer and fasting. Rich in hope, and firm of faith, Wringing my hands, with sighs even, Tears, to force the end of plague From the very God of Heaven. The crowd’s approval now’s like scorn. O if you could read within me How little the father and the son Deserve a fraction of their glory. My father was a gloomy, honorable man, Who pondered Nature and the heavenly spheres, Honestly, in his own fashion, With eccentric studies it appears: He, in his adepts’ company, Locked in his dark workshop, forever Tried with endless recipes, To make things opposite flow together. The fiery Lion, a daring suitor, Wed the Lily, in a lukewarm bath, there In a fiery flame, both of them were Strained from one bride-bed into another, Until the young Queen was descried, In a mix of colours, in the glass: There was the medicine: the patient died. And who recovered? No one asked. So we roamed, with our hellish pill. Among the valleys and the hills, Worse than the pestilence itself we were. I’ve poisoned a thousand: that’s quite clear: And now from the withered old must hear How men praise a shameless murderer. »

Faust”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here is a translation, and an adaptation, of a Canto I published, on September 10th, 2021, with the title “Los Cantos de Xochi. Le Sacrement de la Vaccination et le Culte Covidien de l’Enfant Vaudou”. This Canto focuses on the sacrifice of the children on the altar of pasteurian allopathic “medicine“ – and, most particularly, the sacrifice of the children on the altar of “vaccines”… which, in fact, never existed as they constitute the most criminal scam of modern “medical” practices – since 1853.

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Graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, synthetic DNA, in the nanofibers of cell-cultured meats grown in metal tanks… and in animal meats

Chapter 4 of “Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine”


Declaration of Intentions

About the title of my new series of essays: “Orchestrating a Pandemic Famine”

What do cell based meats contain – besides, potentially, graphene derivatives, chitosan and synthetic DNA?

The Good Food Institute is officially promoting Graphene, carbon nanotubes – and even synthetic DNA – on the menu of cellular meats

In commercialized cellular meats: nano-fibers, based on graphene and chitosan, which NEVER reveal their identity

What is behind the nano-fibers in cellular meats marketed, for example, by Gelatex and Matrix Meats?

Graphene in animal meat

Graphene in the edible films of animal meats

Appendix 1. Graphene in Human Tissue Engineering

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Soylent Green in 2022? Chitinization of the Human Organism by an Insectivorous diet based on the Recycling of Agro-Industrial Wastes, Plastics of all kinds, Human Excrements… and soon of Human Corpses?

Chapter 3 of “Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine”


Declaration of Intentions… with a few lengthy digressions


European Regulations and Insectivore Propaganda

In 2023, the COP 27 has put the spotlight on “protein alternatives”

The World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, is one of the major actors in the relentless, and universal, promotion of insectivorous or cellular food

Food Systems Summit of September 2021: a coup by Klaus Schwab imposing a chimerical and hyper-technological Food

McKinsey’s “regenerative agriculture” simulator: the foundation of the “alternative protein” production industry in France

Impact of Edible Insects, in the Food, for Fish, Animal and Human Organism Health

Edible Insects as Vectors of Pathologies

Recycling of industrial plastics, and production of recyclable plastics, by the larvae of the Yellow mealworm beetle and other plastivorous insects

Toxicity of plastics, of all kinds, in plastivorous insects

Toxicity of plastics, of all kinds, in other organisms

Capacities of chitin, chitosan – and insects – to adsorb heavy metals and other pollutants…

Food recycling of Human Excrement: and soon of Human Corpses?

Appendix 1. Chitin and chitosan are also fundamental elements of “cellular agriculture”

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Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock


Chapter 5 of “Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine”


Declaration of intentions

mRNA “Vaccines” : a code name for nano-metallised and, more importantly, nano-graphenised “Vaccines”?

Biodegradable Dendrimer Nano-particles in the New mRNA “Vaccines” 

New mRNA “Vaccines” surfing on Dendrimers: with or without Graphene?

Bayer: mRNA “Vaccines” for Animal Health

Merck: mRNA “Vaccines” for Animal Health 

Graphene and Chitosane in “Vaccines” for poultry

Graphene in “Vaccines” for fishes

Graphene in “Vaccines” for cattle

Graphene in “Vaccines” for zoo animals

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Los Cantos de Xochi. Orchestration de la Famine Pandémique. Chapitre 5

Graphénisation de l’alimentation carnée, et protéinée,  par les “vaccins” injectés dans les animaux d’élevage



Déclaration d’intentions

“Vaccins à l’ARNm”: un nom de code pour des “Vaccins” nano-métallisés et, surtout, nano-graphénisés?

Nano-Particules Dendrimères Biodégradables dans les nouveaux “Vaccins” à l’ARNm

Nouveaux “Vaccins” à l’ARNm sur mode Dendrimères: avec ou sans Graphène?

“Vaccins” à l’ARNm pour la “santé” animale chez Bayer

“Vaccins” à l’ARNm pour la “santé” animale chez Merck

Graphène et Chitosane dans les “vaccins” destinés aux volailles

Graphène dans les “vaccins” destinés aux Poissons

Graphène dans les “vaccins” destinés au bétail

Graphène dans les “vaccins” destinés aux animaux de zoo

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Anti-Oxidant Sources to Destroy the Graphene Oxide Necro-Molecular Crown

All those who are not inclined to confront the truth of the vaccine genocide, on the tune of warp-speed graphene oxide – because their viscera are too permeable – can, still, consider that this long article presents a spectrum of anti-oxidants which, for the most part, have been validated against the so-called “Covid”, or “Long Covid”, huge list of symptom and pathologies. “Long Covid” is nothing but the code-name of the syndrome of graphene irradiation which manifests itself through a plethora of pathologies – many of them terminal.

In this text, many times, I replaced the expression “Covid19” by Quantum/19”…. because the narration about the virus constitutes the Virus. In other articles, I proposed, instead of “Covid/19”… “CoYid/19”. Do you see what I do mean?

Today, the mission of any human being, who respects oneself, is to heal, daily, the Nature, meaning one’s organism, which is, perpetually, assailed by the genocidal vectors of the “Trans-humanist” Techno-Culture – which is not, by the way, “Trans-humanist by virtue of not being “Humanist” in the first place. The question is, now, to know if any person refusing to confront the truth of the vaccinal genocide is, authentically, able to “heal oneself”.

Today, all those who are inclined to wake up may begin, easily, to conceive that the Pharmaceutical Mafia, before contaminating the anti-Covid injections with graphene oxide, has been, steadily, contaminating the “vaccines”, for many years, with a lot of necro-nano-particles – and other adjuvants.

For example: “New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nano-contamination”. Professors Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination. 2016.  [4] 

Today, the vector of the Enemy is the graphenization through the Necro-Molecular Crown Syndrome – in this case, the Graphene Oxide “Spike”.

Today, the graphenizing vaccination represents, very clearly, the demarcation line between, on the one hand, those who opt for collective suicide and, on the other hand, those who want to survive, and live in Peace, in the Beauty that Comes.

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