Graphene in the Atmosphere


Ecce Homo sapiens X graphenicus

Graphene, gravely, grafts its claw

“Dark Winter”


Graphene Oxide in Chemtrails in addition to strontium, barium, aluminum, titanium, cesium, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, cobalt…


Ecce Homo sapiens X graphenicus

May I mention the publication of a book called “Global WAR-NING: Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity”.[873] It is a collective work, edited by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Global Research Center, in Canada, and written by a dozen authors on the subject of geoengineering, chemtrails, atmospheric poisoning, HAARP plants, etc., all of which are absolutely depressing.

… all topics that are absolutely depressing to analyze… but, strictly speaking, fundamental for the survival of a part of the Anthropine species in the near future.

It seems to me, today, urgent to denounce the graphenization of the Atmosphere because this contamination is going to impact all the living beings of the Biosphere – including all the human beings who refuse to let themselves be injected with the poisons, called vaccines, of the Pharmacratic Mafia.

I wish to mention this collective work, of authentic researchers, especially since, recently, I was writing about enigmatic “black masses” that some people describe moving in the Atmosphere.

Indeed, the eugenicist Globalists are trying to graphenize all the Peoples… which will generate a form of terminal cross-breeding, insofar as the human biological hybridizes with the metallic nano-particulate – in this case with graphene in all its forms – in order to introduce, on the scene, the premises of the cyborgs… in the role of useful idiots devoted to play the acquiescent guinea pigs in a very large scale graphenizing vaccine experimentation.

Ecce Homo sapiens X graphenicus. Up to now, dementia was underlying… but, soon, it will be “pandemic”.

The Anthropos is in danger of biological eradication by the gang of Trans/humanoids under Klaus Schwab’s leadership… and other Banksters. With the vaccinal and universal graphenization, the Globalist psychopaths have launched a super Marrakech Pact, with a very spicy flavor of CoYid/19, in order to parasitize the human nervous and neuronal system – by mixing it, hybridizing it, merging it, and chimerizing it with metallic nano-particles… that is to say, particles of the order of the nano-meter, of the order of the millionth of millimeter.

In order to graphenize, as quickly as possible, billions of human beings, the Globalists have not hesitated, for the last two years, to trample on all the (farcical) foundations of the Pasteurian vaccinal paradigm. One of the new clauses of their new paradigm called “neo-pasteurian” is the following:

The people who got immunized, thanks to the CoYid/19 vaccines, must immunize themselves against the non-immunized by forcing them to immunize themselves with the same immunization process… that failed to immunize them.

The term immunize can be interchanged with the term protect or vaccinate, etc. The conclusion is the same: Pasteurism and Pasteurian paradigm lie in the most total debacle… and it will never recover.

Etymologically, “immunize” comes from “immunis” meaning “free of charge”… which comes from “munus” meaning “charge, function”… which comes from the Proto Indo European “*mei” meaning “to change, exchange”.

Graphene, gravely, grafts its claws

Today, therefore, it is essential that all those who refuse Quantum/19 graphenizing injections, or others, be aware of the ever-increasing graphenization of many sectors of daily life… in order to avoid being graphenized themselves. Indeed, graphene, in various forms, is present in many vaccines and medications, in PCR tests, in face masks, in physiological serums, in cosmetics, in food packaging, in clothing inks and in shoes (under the pretext of biosensors), in water purification, in synthetic agricultural fertilizers, in agricultural biocides, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

The graphene, gravely, grafts its claws in order to engulf itself, in order to engulf itself, in orger to engorge oneself, in order to engrave itself in the fluidities of the human animal. And that constitutes an enormous grievance. The graphene infiltrates his blood, his sap and his cerebral ocean. The metallic graphene merges with his organism, without his knowledge and consent: it captures him, it imprisons him, it zombifies him, it de/humanizes him, it archontizes him.

So where did graphene, this new nano-particular grapheme, emerge from to rewrite our DNA? From the abyss of non-existence of what cannot exist, naturally? Because it seems that the Mother did not emanate such a carbon nano-matter of one atom thickness – with an hexagonal shape.

It is also important to pay attention to aerial spraying – also called “chemtrails” – which has been the most efficient way, for decades, to disseminate various chemicals and biocides: over a peach crop, in Spain, to ward off hail; over a soya crop, in Argentina, to massacre the weeds; over a coca crop, in Peru, to destroy the plants and all their human environment; over a Vietnamese guerrilla war or, even, over an insurrection of the European urban populations.

The targets are different but the vectors are the same… and so is the outcome: cell modification, cell destruction, mutagenesis, death. The vectors are the same and their origin, if I may say so, goes back to Justus Liebig Möser through Fritz Haber… and the subsequent use of mustard gas during the First Great World Slaughter of 1914/1948, whose mission was to eliminate, in the Trenches, millions of French and German peasants who were no longer needed by the nascent agricultural/war industry.

A century later, the demented, eugenicist Globalists have launched a final offensive against the Peoples. It is, also, a war of the Trenches but, today, it is graphene, in all its forms, present in the CoYid injections of the Pharmacratic Mafia – and many other so-called vaccines” injections – that is the vector of the Trenches. Indeed, Graphene slices through the cell walls of red blood cells and other cells; Graphene slices through brain neurons; Graphene slices through human DNA.

Graphene is the new, silent vector of Cellular Trench Warfare! It can be a time bomb or an immediate bomb: some of those injected die within hours… and sometimes within minutes. 80% of deaths induced by graphene vaccines occur in the first two weeks after the toxic injection.

Because of these aerial spraying technologies, we are also confronted with the potential presence of graphene oxide in rainwater – as it has already been proven by investigators and microscopic analyses.

For the record, the first patent on “geo-engineering” – i.e. atmospheric modification – dates from 1966 in the USA. [891] 

I have mentioned, several times, that we have been twice, in the last few years, within a few kilometers of evacuation zones of giant fires – in Oregon. I have, also, mentioned that some of these giant fires are artificially set, either manually or by electromagnetic energy – the so-called DEW, Directed Energy Weapons, Nikola Tesla’s energy. On October 23, 2019, there was a gigantic explosion of energy, covering 50 km, which initiated a gigantic fire called the Kincade Fire and burned 30,000 hectares. Cui bono?

I discussed this issue with a colleague who lost his ranch in the 2018 Paradise Fire in California – which consumed 62,000 acres. He filmed his escape from the inferno of flames – while the car following him exploded. He’s a specialist in 5G, and similar energies, and he told me that some of the huge fires are caused and fanned by 5G – which explains the lightning speed with which they travel.

Moreover. It doesn’t take an overdose of imagination to conceive that an atmosphere saturated with certain chemicals – released by chemtrails spread by military aircraft – will ignite much more easily than an atmosphere bathed in the essential oils of the California pine forests.

I invite anyone who considers these facts as science fiction to stimulate their neuronal synapses with brain tonics, preferably vegetal or organic, because these facts are still very far from what they could conceive. The first essential point not to be hidden, in any investigation worthy of the name, is that the Globalists, and other psychopaths, are absolutely demented and that they have decided to destroy everything.

Today, is graphene oxide intentionally spread in the atmosphere – by means of specialized aircrafts – with a totally harmful and genocidal purpose? Or is it already an environmental contamination due to the presence of graphene oxide in the fuel of airplanes – in order to improve their combustion? [924]  [925]  [954] Or is it a question of aerial spraying of graphene oxide in order to fight, allegedly, against “climate change”?  [955]

“Dark Winter”

I will, furthermore, expose the results of my researches in order to answer these various interrogations. But, before doing so, I wish to expose some of my states intuitions and inspirations, with regard to the graphenization of the living Atmosphere of our Mother Earth – and, in particular, in order to ricochet on the phenomenon of “amorphous black masses” moving there… according to recent testimonies.

It turns out that graphene, from the point of view of human health, is a real nano-metallic abomination – at least, as far as its so-called “bio-medical applications” are concerned. It is a toxic bomb of mutagenic and genocidal irradiation. It is Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Mururoa, etc., within reach of every neuron and knocking at the door of every nose, mouth, vulva, skin pores… And this is without evoking the radioactive impact site of a syringe needle programed, by the Globalists, to inject the graphene, more rapidly, into all the human fluids… with a QR code as a key – to open, legally, the doors of a lock-downed life. In truth, to give to the Eugenists the key, in all morbid acquiescence, of the human DNA.

As for its industrial applications, in particular, in computer nano-technologies, if it is to replace silicon, by a hundredfold velocity, in the robotic computers of Virtuality… better that graphene goes back to the abyss of nothingness from which it should never have escaped – because the Archontization of a part of Humanity is, already, irremediably well advanced. What will happen to it?

It will be necessary, soon, if not immediately, that the People wake up to the inescapable fact that graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, graphene hydrogels, carbon nano-tubes, graphene quantum dots (which cross the blood-brain barrier), graphene nano-spheres, plasmonic nano-antennas, etc., etc., constitute an artificial neural network that will supplant the organic and natural neural network in the human body.

This is a form of parasitism, to say the least, but of a completely different nature. I invite interested readers to consult the numerous essays about Archontization and the Archontic Virus on Nemeta. [162] Indeed, it was John Lamb Lash who introduced the concept of Archons to the Web. The Archons were, extensively, referenced in the 4th century Nag Hammadi writings found, in Egypt, in December 1945.

May I direct, even, the eldest readers to the theme of the “Heavy Black Shadows”. This phenomenon was evoked by the Yaqui shaman, Don Juan, in the brilliant work of the late Carlos Castañeda – not unlike the recently described phenomenon of “amorphous black masses” moving across the sky. Could they be nanoparticle formations of graphene oxide – projected into the Atmosphere by chemtrails – magnetically self-assembling … like thousands of starlings circling, together, as a single bird, in the sky?

Today, the shamanic literary work of Carlos Castañeda (1925-1998) has lost none of its flavor… for it is the exploration of the Nagual. This work was completed, in the non-literary Planetary Tantra – in its foundations, processes and objectives – by John Lamb Lash. [121] 

«The sorcerers of ancient Mexico saw the predator. They called it the flyer because it leaps through the air. It is not a pretty sight. It is a big shadow, impenetrably dark, a black shadow that jumps through the air. Then, it lands flat on the ground. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when it made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights and feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man». Carlos Castañeda in The Active Side of Infinity.

Today, the Graphene – an Archontic fake carbone is not the Predator but, only, the vector of the Predators – i.e., the intra-species predators. And who are they? WHO?

The “Dark Winter”, which the demented eugenicists have been proclaiming and announcing, for a plethora of years, is not, only, the loss of energy, and heating capacity, during the winter months of all these present and future years – as we are entering a new Great Solar Minimum; it is not, only, the lack of food generated by the destruction of agriculture programmed by the Globalists – and their self-proclaimed Greens; it is not, only, the lack of food generated by Atmospheric hazards destroying agricultural crops – on lands, and with seeds, all the more weakened by chemical agriculture since 1842; it is not, only, the lack of tenderness, of love, and of mutualism, generated by the dictatorial measures of the Globalists aiming at raping the adults, and especially at raping the children, by jabbing them, by masking them, by distancing them, by preventing them from touching and kissing each other…

The “Dark Winter” could also be a darkening of the Atmosphere by volcanization, because, at present, we are in the middle of an ever-increasing volcanic activity – which, of course, is explained by the emergence of the Great Solar Minimum, which is announced until 2055, with its cohort of temperature and rainfall extremes, its violent winds, its pronounced volcanic activity, its periods of droughts and floods, its very long periods of very great cold…

The “Dark Winter” could also be a darkening of the Atmosphere by graphenization, by means of conventional chemtrails, in order to stimulate the graphenizing “vaccine” poison that has been deposited in the body of the injected human, like the sacramental host of the new Covidian religion. A sacrificial host…: the injected people are sacrificed on the altar of cyborgism… while the non-injected people are pointed at like scapegoats.


Do not wait, therefore, for the Graphene Oxide to rain on your head! Heal in yourself, daily, the Nature that the Culture of the genocidal and graphenizing technocracy seeks, inexorably, to destroy. The graphenization generates a spectrum of diverse radiation pathologies. Therefore, take daily medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, natural substances, mushrooms with extremely anti-oxidant qualities.

Every day, also, think about your children, or your grandchildren, in order to convince yourself that indeed, it is Open Season on Predators… and, especially, today, Open Season on Vaccinalist Predators and child-rapists.

By the way, isn’t it strange, symbolically speaking, that a new variant, smacking strongly of a gigantic rotten scam, is called “Omicron”, and that it is propelled, in the space of 48 hours, in January 2022, like a Warp Speed Terrorism frightening the populations condemned to a fatal death? Like a Necro-Omicron.

Why? Because it’s been exactly a century since the concept, or meme, of the Necromicron was first introduced in one of the works of the famous writer Lovecraft. And it’s been exactly a century since the Globalists launched their first great vaccinal purge, which was called the “Spanish Flu” – in 1918/1920 to complete the function of the First Great Franco-German Slaughter.

Graphene Oxide in Chemtrails in addition to strontium, barium, aluminum, titanium, cesium, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, cobalt…

In January 2021, during the 5th International Rain Enhancement Forum (IREF) symposium [233], three researchers from Khalifa University, Dubai, presented their research on artificially modifying the atmosphere to induce rainfall. Topics included the application of nanotechnology processes to develop new materials for cloud seeding, the study of the effects of electrical charges on rain droplet formation, algorithms for determining ideal cloud seeding conditions, and the integration of multiple simulation dynamics and new data to create a unified weather forecasting model.

Cloud seeding is a process by which substances are introduced into the heart of clouds to stimulate the formation of rain droplets. This technique has been used in agriculture for over 70 years. The first patent for artificial climate modification dates from 1966: the Knollenberg patent. [247]

At the forum, Dr. Linda Zou presented her research on porous nanoparticles and their potential to seed cold clouds – as nucleation seeds – to artificially induce rain. Dr. Linda Zou is using nanotechnology to create ice nucleating particles that act in the same modes as natural ice crystals by forming super-cold water droplets at temperatures below -38°C.

To this end, Linda Zou has created a composite of reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles and silicon oxide nanoparticles. The reduced graphene oxide serves as a matrix, or template, for ice crystal growth – due to its similar hexagonal lattice structure. The silicon oxide increases the overall water molecule adsorption capacity of this nanoparticle compound. [243] Linda Zou has filed a patent application, in 2019, entitled “3d reduced graphene oxide/sio 2 composite for ice nucleation” – n° WO2020148644A1. [246] Her 2019 study is titled “Enhanced Ice Nucleation and Growth by Porous Composite of RGO and Hydrophilic Silica Nanoparticles”. [886] 

The silicon oxide nanoparticles generate pores in the final product and play an essential role in the nucleation of ice because liquid water accumulates there. Linda Zou’s research shows that this nanoparticle compound induces ice nucleation at temperatures of about -8°C.

Linda Zou is not the only one working in this area. In 2018, a team of researchers, from Austria and Italy, published their findings on the use of graphene and graphene oxide in ice crystal nucleation processes: “Ice Nucleation Activity of Graphene and Graphene Oxide”. [245]

There is also a study, from 2020, entitled “Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation by Graphene Nanoparticles”. [887] It deals with the integration of graphene oxide nanoparticles – of 120/150 nm – in order to promote the nucleation of ice crystals.

There is also another study, published in April 2021, which is entitled “Investigations of structural and dynamical mechanisms of ice formation regulated by graphene oxide nanosheets” [889] as well as a 2019 study titled “Probing the critical nucleus size for ice formation with graphene oxide nanosheets”. [890] All these studies focus on the formation of ice crystals with graphene oxide.

See also the May 2021 study entitled “Motion of water monomers reveals a kinetic barrier to ice nucleation on graphene”. [888]

Let’s remember, also, that there are researches, since many years, whose objective is to inject nanoparticles of graphene oxide, in the Atmosphere, in order to eliminate from it what the Globalist and Trans/humanoid demented eugenists, consider as a contaminant: the carbon dioxide. For example: “Carbon Dioxide Capture by Functionalized Graphene Oxide Adsorbent” [235]. “Carbon Dioxide Capture with Graphene Systems: Computational Studies” [238]. “Reduced graphene oxide-TiO2 nanocomposite as a promising visible-light-active photocatalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide” [239]. “Vitamin B12-Immobilized Graphene Oxide for Efficient Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction”. [241]

In February 2021, researchers presented the world’s thinnest filter made from graphene membranes. This filter is not only capable of filtering carbon dioxide but is able to separate it from other gases induced by industrial emissions. [236]

Also in February 2021, researchers presented their research into catalysts based on various forms of graphene that can reduce carbon dioxide. [237]

In 2019, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented their method for developing graphene from atmospheric carbon dioxide. [240]

Today, is graphene oxide injected into the atmosphere? It is clear that this is indeed the case, because I have mentioned, for the past 12 years, on several occasions the phenomenon of rainwater contaminated with graphene.

For example, a doctor from the Canary Islands, working with the Quinta Columna, recently discovered graphene oxide in rainwater and proved it by means of analyses. [242] He also analyzed, microscopically, the presence of it in his bronchial mucus.

For example, the Quinta Columna, via Orwell City, presented a short video incorporating a sequence, filmed in the French-speaking region, presenting, obviously, magnetic particles of graphene, self-assembling, fallen with the rains of a big storm. [234]

For example, a video highlights that the collected particles of a car windshield, after a rain, are magnetic. [244]

Why is graphene oxide injected into the atmosphere? To eliminate carbon dioxide or to contribute to the universal graphenization of the Peoples?

There is a manual dating from 1999 for the use of USAF airmen in the USA [249]. It is called “Chemtrails”  and it describes the numerous metallic substances that can be incorporated into these aerial sprays: iron, copper, silver, mercury, aluminum, lithium, beryllium, barium, strontium, cesium, tin, etc.

What is the real objective of the spreading of metallic substances called “Chemtrails”? Let us recall that these substances are mainly aluminum, strontium, barium, manganese, titanium dioxide, silver iodide…

In France, the Acseipica Association carries out numerous analyses of blood and atmospheric samples in order to monitor the evolution of metallic aerial spraying. [248]

See the testimony of a German aeronautical engineer who was dismissed after having launched the alert on aerial spraying of barium, aluminium, etc. [302]

See also this short video sequence inside a Boeing 707 [569]  which is in the process of releasing substances into the atmosphere.

There is a study, from 2015, entitled “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health”. [879] Since then, it has been retracted, by the “scientific” Authorities because, as the GAFAM psychopaths would say, it did not correspond to their “values”.

All the more so since, in their introduction, the authors evoke the taboo work of Rachel Carson, the Silent Spring.

And it’s no wonder, because its conclusions are unambiguous: the authors analyzed the rainfall over San Diego, California, following aerial spraying and declined the content of these chemtrails. They claim that, what is called “Coal-Fly-Ash”, was the basis of what was sprayed in California in 2014.

The elements that they discovered, in their analysis, are: aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, calcium, cesium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, germanium, hafnium, iron, lead, lithium, magnesium and manganese.

Two studies, from 2019, entitled “Enhanced ice nucleation activity of coal fly ash aerosol particles initiated by ice-filled pores”, and “The Role of Cloud Processing for the Ice Nucleating Ability of Organic Aerosol and Coal Fly Ash Particles”, focus on cloud ice formation in relation to coal fly ash.  [884]  [885]

The discovery of this retracted 2015 study highlighting the composition of“Coal-Fly-Ash” further drew my attention to the fact that “Coal-Fly-Ash” has recently been the subject of research into the manufacture of composites involving “Coal-Fly-Ash” and graphene oxide.

Thus, in June 2018, a report, from the University of Washington, was published on the making of concrete incorporating graphene oxide. [881]  [882]  The director of the Talga company in Australia, which is working with these new technologies, states that:  «The results of preliminary tests show that graphene-enhanced concrete is characterized by such a high level of electrical conductivity that it can act as an electrical heating element.» Today, there are a number of research and development initiatives to produce new concrete incorporating graphene oxide.

There is a study, from 2021, which is entitled “Coal Fly Ash Decorated with Graphene Oxide−Tungsten Oxide Nanocomposite for Rapid Removal of Pb2+ Ions and Reuse of Spent Adsorbent for Photocatalytic Degradation of Acetaminophen”. [883] This involves the manufacture of a new polymer composed of “Coal-Fly-Ash” and nanoparticles of graphene oxide and tungsten oxide.

It seems essential to emphasize that, generally, the metallic nanoparticles included in these chemtrails are, also, the subject of extensive research in the processes of functionalization of graphene or the elaboration of graphene-based nano-compounds – more particularly in the field of bio-medical applications.

Silver iodide. “Silver Iodide Nanospheres Wrapped in Reduced Graphene Oxide for Enhanced Photocatalysis”. [250] “Graphene Fiber and it Silver Functionalization for Radioactive Iodine Adsorption”. [251] “Graphene Oxide–Silver Nanoparticle Nanocomposites Induce Oxidative Stress and Aberrant Methylation in Caprine Fetal Fibroblast Cells”. [252] “Silver and copper oxide nanoparticles-decorated graphene oxide via pulsed laser ablation technique: Preparation, characterization, and photoactivated antibacterial activity”. [253]

There is, in fact, a plethora of studies on hybrid compounds made from graphene and silver nanoparticles for their ability to detect glyphosate, insulin, streptomycin, oxytetracycline, imidacloprid, for their ability to vectorize anti-cancer medicinal substances… Moreover, numerous researches have highlighted their antibacterial capacities – against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

Strontium. There are processes using graphene to remove strontium, but there are mainly processes for making nano-compounds based on graphene and strontium… for bone regeneration. “Strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite grown on graphene oxide nanosheet-reinforced chitosan scaffold to promote bone regeneration”. [163] “Developing a Strontium-Releasing Graphene Oxide-/Collagen-Based Organic-Inorganic Nanobiocomposite for Large Bone Defect Regeneration via MAPK Signaling Pathway”. [161]  “Oxygen Plasma Technology-Assisted Preparation of Three-Dimensional Reduced Graphene Oxide/Polypyrrole/Strontium Composite Scaffold for Repair of Bone Defects Caused by Osteoporosis”. [164] 

Titanium dioxide. There are nano-compounds of graphene and titanium dioxide for water decontamination, for batteries, for solar panels but also for their anti-bacterial activity as presented in various studies: “The role of nanoparticles (titanium dioxide, graphene oxide) on the inactivation of co-existing bacteria in the presence and absence of quartz sand” [254]; “Synergistic antibacterial effect of graphene-coated titanium loaded with levofloxacin” [255]; “Graphene-Reinforced Titanium Enhances Soft Tissue Seal” [256]; “